Cozy Cottage – a Stash Busting Quilt Pattern

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Calling all quilt-thusiasts. There’s a new quilt in town…and…The Cozy Cottage quilt pattern is going to help you kick some stash!

Introducing the Cozy Cottage quilt pattern! Cozy Cottage is my newest fun and finishable pattern. This delightful design is easy to assemble and perfect for those quick, scrap-filled projects.

Cozy Cottage mixes modern fabrics with a traditional design that uses strip piecing to quickly assemble a quilt top. The pattern is precut and scrap friendly, and works with solids. It includes detailed instructions for working with precuts and scraps. As in…no guessing on how to calculate yardage from scraps or how to cut and assemble those scraps!

This pattern is designed to be used over and over when you need a quilt or want to put your scraps and stash to work for you. You could say I’m on a mission to help you kick some stash!

The Cozy Cottage quilt pattern is available in The Seasoned Homemaker pattern shop.

The Cozy Cottage Quilt Pattern

The inspiration for the Cozy Cottage pattern began when I needed to make a quilt for a bridal shower. It had to go together quickly because the quilt would need to be mailed to a small town several states away. And I only had three weeks to accomplish this. You can read the story here.

I knew I wasn’t alone in my dilemma. How many times have you needed or wanted a quilt but didn’t have a ton of time to put it together? That’s the inspiration behind this quilt pattern – a pattern that you can reach for time and time again, easily assemble a quilt with what you have on hand, and then use simple quilting to finish it.

The beauty of the Cozy Cottage pattern lies in its simplicity. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find this project easy to master. The pattern features clear and concise instructions along with detailed diagrams, ensuring that you never feel overwhelmed. Whether you’re an experienced quilter or just starting out, you’ll enjoy every step of the process.

What sets the Cozy Cottage pattern apart is how quickly the blocks and rows come together. As you piece each block, your quilt quickly starts taking shape. In no time at all you’ll be laying out and assembling rows.

What is Fun & Finishable?

The Cozy Cottage quilt pattern (as are all TSH patterns) is a digital PDF file that will download immediately upon purchase. It is written with the beginner in mind and you’ll find detailed written instructions that walk you through making your own Cozy Cottage Quilt.

Inside the pattern, you’ll find fabric requirements, a design page, and simple assembly details with diagrams.

While this pattern is designed for strip piecing, in the pattern you’ll find detailed cutting and assembly instructions for using your scraps, leftover jelly roll strips, and a variety of precut options mentioned below.

Everything about this pattern is designed to make your quilting experience both fun and finishable. You’ll find yourself saying, “This is the third quilt I’ve finished with this pattern!”

Lots of Quilt Sizes

This pattern comes in four sizes. Whether you’re in the mood for a small lap quilt or a larger for one for sofa snuggling, the Cozy Cottage pattern can be easily adapted to suit your needs. You can adjust the size by adding or removing borders, allowing for customization that fits perfectly into any home.

  • Lap Quilt
  • Small Throw
  • Throw
  • Large Throw

Precut Friendly

If you’re a fan of precut fabrics and have a stash of them waiting to be used, the Cozy Cottage quilt pattern is a fantastic choice. It allows you to put them to good use and create a stunning quilt without all the extra cutting and measuring. AND, the Cozy Cottage pattern includes additional cutting and assembly instructions for the different precut and scrap options. It’s a win-win for fabric your stash!

The Cozy Cottage pattern has instructions for using these different precut options.

  • Jelly Rolls
  • Fat Quarters
  • Fat Eighths
  • Layer cake or 10 inch squares
  • Charm Packs
  • Mini Charm Packs
  • Quarter Yard cuts
cluster of fabric options

Mix and Match Fabrics

One of the greatest advantages of the Cozy Cottage pattern is its versatility when it comes to fabric selection. We all have leftover fabric scraps, right? Why not breathe new life into them and make a simple quilt that will be cherished for generations.

It’s so satisfying and enjoyable to transform those random scraps into beautiful quilts. Personally, I find using what I already have in my stash ideal. It’s so satisfying to transform random scraps of fabric or partial fat quarter bundles into beautiful quilts. By utilizing fabric that’s on-hand, I save money and find the challenge enjoyable.

Beginner Friendly

The beauty of the Cozy Cottage pattern lies in its simplicity. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find this project easy to accomplish. The pattern features clear and concise instructions, along with detailed diagrams, ensuring that you never feel overwhelmed. Whether you’re an experienced quilter or just starting out, you’ll enjoy every step of the process.

I have listed several blog posts that will help you make this quilt! Learn from these tutorials and you’ll be ready to make your own version of Cozy Cottage.

Exclusive Extras

Cozy Cottage QR Code

Exclusive Extras

This quilt pattern includes a QR Code – you know, those odd looking squiggly lines in a box. Just hover your cell phone camera over the QR Code and then click the link.

A private page will open and you’ll be able to see all sorts of links to valuable tutorials, instructional videos, pattern upgrades, any pattern corrections, an enhanced supply list, and any future details about this pattern.

Seasonal Ideas

I’ve mocked up a couple of seasonal quilt ideas using the Cozy Cottage quilt pattern. The quilt on the left is made from Harvest Wishes by Moda. The soft aqua, teal, and orange fabrics make this quilt both modern and traditional.

The quilt on the right is from Favorite Things by Moda. The softer reds, greens, and grays give a new twist to a traditional Christmas color palette.

Both use low volume fabrics from the collections for the background rather than a solid. This gives your quilt a unique and interesting look. With a simple pattern like Cozy Cottage, almost any seasonal fabrics in a collection would make into a fun and finishable quilt.

Make a quilt anytime!

Sometimes, a quilt just needs to be simple enough to piece, quilt, and bind in a weekend. That’s the magic of the Cozy Cottage pattern. It’s made to spark your creativity, clean out your stash, and bring a touch of handmade charm to your life.

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