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Simple Tote Bag Tutorial

Inside: Simple Tote Bag Tutorial One of the first projects most new sewists tackle is a Tote Bag. It's the perfect project for beginners and in this tutorial you will learn the basic steps for creating your own tote bag. This quick and easy tutorial will show you how to make a designer-look tote bag that doesn't require any special skills. If you can sew a straight stitch on your sewing ... Read More about Simple Tote Bag Tutorial

All About Sewing Machine Needles

Inside: All About Sewing Machine Needles Did you know that using the right needle for a sewing project can make a huge difference on your project's outcome? The correct needle will glide through a project making beautiful, even stitches. On the flip side, using the wrong needle (or a worn/damaged needle) on a project can create a whole host of problems like skipped or uneven stitches, and ... Read More about All About Sewing Machine Needles

Autumn Star Mini Quilt Tutorial

Inside: Autumn Star Mini Quilt Tutorial Are you ready to sew something fun for the Fall? The Autumn Star Mini Quilt is the perfect project to get you ready for the seasonal change. This project is the perfect size for a table topper or would make a nice wall hanging. You're going to love the simplicity of this project because it's just squares and half square ... Read More about Autumn Star Mini Quilt Tutorial

Quilted Cactus Pillow Tutorial

Inside: Quilted Cactus Pillow Tutorial One of the best ways to brighten a room is with pillows. And, if you want to add a bit of quilting to the room without committing to an entire quilt, then a quilted pillow is the perfect project. A quilted pillow is also a great way to try out a new technique. And that's what this Quilted Cactus Pillow Tutorial is all about. It uses ... Read More about Quilted Cactus Pillow Tutorial

Strip Piecing Basics

Inside: Strip Piecing Basics One of my favorite quilting techniques is Strip Piecing. This simple and efficient technique uses fabric strips that are sewn together to form strip sets. These strip sets are then cut into smaller units and can be used to create a variety of quilt blocks. Because this method is so productive it saves time, money, and fabric. If you have a roll of 2.5" ... Read More about Strip Piecing Basics

All About Sewing Machine Stitches

Inside: All About Sewing Machine Stitches If you're new to sewing you may be wondering about all of the different stitches on a sewing machine. First, let me assure you that as a beginner all you really need are two basic stitches and a buttonhole stitch. Different sewing machine brands will vary in the number of stitches available on their different model machines. It's natural to think ... Read More about All About Sewing Machine Stitches

Patriotic Mini Quilt

Inside: Patriotic Mini Quilt It's no secret, I love quilted table toppers (and table runners). They are ideal for adding some simple holiday decor and can be whipped up in an afternoon or two. And that's the idea behind this quilted Patriotic Table Topper. It combines a Sawtooth Star quilt block with Log Cabin-like construction. But, I have to warn you...This project is easier than ... Read More about Patriotic Mini Quilt

How to Use a Sewing Machine

How to Use a Sewing Machine You decide you want to learn how to sew. Maybe you've purchased an inexpensive machine. Perhaps you've borrowed one from a friend. Now what? Either way, before you take your first stitch, you will want to know how to set up a sewing machine. This step-by-step tutorial will take you through the steps you'll need in order to get started on your sewing ... Read More about How to Use a Sewing Machine

LOVE Mini Quilt

Inside: LOVE Mini Quilt I am a huge fan of quilts with lettering and sayings on them because you're able to express a thought or say something clever on a quilt. And, they're also quick and easy to make. So that's a double win! How to Make a LOVE Mini Quilt For this tutorial I used my Cricut Maker to cut out the letters and the sewing machine design. For those of you who don’t have ... Read More about LOVE Mini Quilt

How to Make a Boxy Pin Cushion

Inside: How to Make a Boxy Pin Cushion Don't you just love an adorable pin cushion? They can be so fun to sew and make great scrap busters. And, when personalized, are a lovely gift. For this tutorial I'm showing how to use a small appliqué from one of my design sets. This makes your project fast and easy.This boxy pin cushion is very versatile. You could fussy cut a piece of fabric to ... Read More about How to Make a Boxy Pin Cushion

All About the Cricut Joy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine. You may remember, a few months ago I got a Cricut Maker which I love and use all the time - especially for cutting out appliqué designs. And I've experimented with a few of its unique features like cutting basswood and infusible ink. All in all, it's a remarkable machine and something I wish each and every ... Read More about All About the Cricut Joy

The Easy Way to Make a Quilt

Inside: The Easy Way to Make a Quilt Not all quilts need to be masterpieces, sometimes they just need to be practical. And that's the story behind this super easy and very practical quilt. I call this quilt the Saturday-Sunday Quilt because I made the whole thing over a Saturday and Sunday. There is one hack I used. The middle panel was purchased. For $5. At my guild's swap sale. ... Read More about The Easy Way to Make a Quilt

Valentine’s Envelope Mug Rug Tutorial

Inside: Valentine's Envelope Mug Rug Tutorial Sometimes you need a simple way to celebrate a holiday. Something that doesn't take a ton of time and can be made using supplies you already have on hand. Send your favorite someone a quilted Valentine with this adorable envelope mug rug that will make them smile every time they see it. And, the perfect companion for that morning cup of ... Read More about Valentine’s Envelope Mug Rug Tutorial

Finding the Fabric Grain

Inside: Finding the Fabric Grain Understanding fabric grain is an essential element when sewing with woven fabrics. It's something new sewists tend to skip over and seasoned sewists occasionally brush off. Why is fabric grain important. It's extremely relevant when sewing garments, especially pants. Have you ever owned a pair of jeans where one of the seams twisted towards the ... Read More about Finding the Fabric Grain

Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

Inside: Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial Don't you just love an easy project? I know I do. And this is one you can make in about an hour. It's ideal for last minute gifts for family and friends. Note: Look for the short instructional video. It will start playing automatically. Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial For this tutorial I've used my Cricut Maker. But, it isn't essential for making the ... Read More about Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial