You love to create, but…

You long for time to do the things you love like quilting, sewing and crafting, but can’t seem to squeeze in a moment here or there to start a project ~ let alone, finish one.

You desire projects that can be wedged into a busy life. Simple projects that can be finished in an afternoon.

You know that completing a project restores your soul and brings contentment.

It’s about Celebrating Creativity!

Life can be overwhelming. Sewing doesn’t have to be.

I believe everyone should make time to make things.

I believe that quilting and sewing are good for the soul. They can help you filter out the noise and recenter.

I believe making beautiful things is the best way to start Celebrating Your Creativity.

Is this you?

“I never can seem to find the time to sew and quilt.”

“So many projects seem impossible to finish, so I never even start.”

“I live in a small apartment and don’t have a dedicated space for crafting.”

“I see so many ideas for projects on places like Pinterest, but don’t know where to start.”

Think of me as the Yoda of Sewing!

Everyone needs a little help. A mentor. A guide. Someone that can put you on the path to finding your true true maker self.

  • Imagine embracing your craft so you can find balance for your soul and begin Celebrating Creativity.
  • Imagine being able to make time for projects.
  • Imagine the feeling of contentment that you experience when you’ve successfully completed a project.
  • What would it feel like to finally use up your fabric scraps?
  • Envision a community of people who are cultivating their love of sewing and completing projects together!

Here’s what others are saying:

“Oh, for the love of bias tape, your tutorial is fantastic! I’ve been searching and searching for a tutorial that explains every single step, yours does that!” Claire

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. I am 41, mother of 3 and after 4 years of trying to take care of my family and caregive for my grandma (who died in October at 91) I experienced super-burn out. I am trying to claw my way back to self and, to be honest I haven’t made anything yet, but I have really been inspired by your blog that I found several months ago through Pinterest and now Etsy site, as much for celebrating the importance of women finding their creativity as for your actual projects..and also for being such a beautiful example of running a business based on love and creativity.” Sarah

Learn to nurture your soul with a needle and thread.

As women, we create as a way to share our love. Love of God. Love of Family. Love of Friends. Love of Life.

When you clear your head with a needle and thread, you’ll be a better version of You. Ready to meet all that your life demands.

If you’re looking for inspiration to start AND finish a project PLUS a community that celebrates your passion for quilting and sewing, you’re in the right place.

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Who is The Seasoned Homemaker?

I truly believe that I found my soul through sewing.

As a shy, awkward child I found peace and contentment when I would sew little outfits for my dolls.

During my teen years, sewing emerged as a way to express who I was when I barely understood this myself.

As a young wife and mom, sewing became a peaceful place where I could retreat when life’s pressures seemed overwhelming.

And now, as an empty-nester, quilting and sewing continues to be a happy place that fills the voids left from living in that sandwich generation between aging parents, grown children, and grandkids.

A Few things you may want to check out.

Here are a few projects that will help you fit quilting and sewing into your busy life and create finished projects.

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