Hearth + Home Expansion Pack

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What is the Home + Hearth Expansion Pack

It turns out that the math and assembly for a Hearth + Home quilt in solids is a little different.

The Expansion Pack came about because I wanted to make a 2-color version of the original Hearth + Home pattern. However, the math and assembly instructions varied so much I decided to create a second pattern for these instructions.

Hearth + Home Expansion Pack Pattern is a little different from the original Hearth + Home pattern. Because there are only two colors, the cutting and assembly is a little more streamlined, even if you decide to use a variety of fabrics in a single color.

And, the best part, I’ve included a Bonus pattern – The Fireside Mini Quilt! This bonus pattern takes almost all of those triangle sets leftover from trimming snowball blocks and converts them into an amazing mini quilt.

Hearth + Home Expansion Pack collage

About the Hearth + Home Expansion Pack

Hearth + Home Expansion Pack Cover

One thing you’ll notice on the Hearth + Home quilt pattern is the two options, and each option has four sizes. The Expansion Pack includes updated fabric requirements, additional piecing methods, and a Bonus Project!

Each pattern has its own unique look. The Hearth version creates a star-like design and the Home version looks like a lattice. Both look amazing when done in solids, but another option would be to take your scraps in a single color to give either option a scrappy modern look.

Bonus: The Fireside Mini Quilt!

When creating of the Hearth + Home quilt versions, you will encounter a dilemma. Trimming the snowball blocks creates a large number of leftover triangle pairs that can be used to make a mini quilt!

Also, with almost any quilt there’s always a little more of the background fabric leftover but never enough to use in another quilt.

So, I took all of those leftover triangle pairs and the remaining background fabric to create the Fireside Mini Quilt as a bonus pattern with the Hearth + Home Expansion Pack. There is also an exclusive video (see QR Code in pattern) showing how to make HSTs while making Snowball Blocks. After trimming, they’ll be ready to make a Fireside Mini Quilt!

Below are a few of the Fireside options available in the Hearth + Home Expansion Pack. One with sashing and a cornerstone and one without.

One Pattern with a variety of sizes

The Hearth + Home Expansion Pack pattern comes in four different quilt sizes and the Fireside Mini Quilt comes in two sizes. This means you can use this pattern in a variety of ways to make a multitude of unique quilts for special occasions, holidays, or different events.

  • Baby (45″ x 63″)
  • Lap (51″ x 69″)
  • Throw (57″ x 75″)
  • Twin (63″ x 81″)
  • Fireside Mini Quilt without sashing (20″ x 20″)
  • Fireside Mini Quilt with sashing (22″ x 22″)

Beginner Friendly

The beauty of the Hearth + Home Expansion Pack pattern lies in its simplicity. If you’re a confident beginner, you’ll find these quilts are easy to accomplish. The pattern features clear and concise instructions, along with detailed diagrams, ensuring that you never feel overwhelmed. Whether you’re an experienced quilter or just starting out, you’ll enjoy every step of the process.

I have listed several blog posts that will help you make this quilt! Learn from these tutorials and you’ll be ready to make your own version of a Hearth + Home quilt.

Hearth + Home Expansion Pack Pattern Background

Exclusive Extras

Cozy Cottage QR Code

Exclusive Extras

This quilt pattern includes a QR Code – you know, those odd looking squiggly lines in a box. Just hover your cell phone camera over the QR Code and then click the link.

A private page will open and you’ll be able to see all sorts of links to valuable tutorials, instructional videos, pattern upgrades, any pattern corrections, an enhanced supply list, and any future details about this pattern.

A Pattern with tons of options!

Hearth + Home Expansion Pack Porch Swing

Consider this…

When you make any of the Hearth + Home quilts and the Fireside Mini Quilt you will have very few scraps leftover especially if you make the FREE Hearth + Home Mug Rug.

Like I’ve said before, I’m on a mission to help you use up your scraps, anthe Hearth + Home quilt patterns are here to make that a possibility!

Let’s make some quilts! The Hearth + Home Expansion Pack pattern can easily turns two colors into a stunning, modern quilt.

That’s the magic of the Hearth + Home Expansion Pack pattern. It’s made to spark your creativity, use up your fabrics, and bring a touch of handmade charm to your life.

Get Hearth + Home Expansion pack and start sewing today!

Get the Hearth + Home Expansion Pack Pattern

Click the button below and download the stand-alone Hearth + Home Expansion Pack Pattern. With 2 design variation, 4 sizes, and the Fireside Mini Quilt.

There’s a Bundle available!

I’ve taken both Hearth + Home patterns and bundled them into a Hearth + Home Pattern Suite. You can get both patterns PLUS the Fireside Mini Quilt at a significant discount when purchasing the bundle.

Get the Hearth + Home Pattern Suite

Click the button below and download the both Hearth + Home Quilt Patterns. This includes the Hearth + Home Quilt Pattern PLUS the Hearth + Home Expansion Pack with the Fireside Mini Quilt.

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