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Easter Peeps Mug Rug Tutorial

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Are you looking for an Easter scrap busting project? You’re going to love this fun Easter Peeps Mug Rug Tutorial. It’s the perfect little something extra to add to those Easter baskets!

The Easter Peeps Mug Rug an ideal Spring project. All you need are a few scraps and you’ll be good to go. This step-by-step tutorial includes FREE applique designs + instructions.

Let’s get started making the Easter Peep Mug Rugs!

Easter Peeps Mug Rug finished

How to Make an Easter Peeps Mug Rug

Easter Peeps Mug Rug Supplies


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Step 1: Get the FREE Easter Peeps Template

Get the FREE Easter Peeps Template download by clicking the pink button below. You’ll be taken to the Freebies section of my Shop.

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Step 2: Piecing the Background Fabrics

Piecing together the background fabric strips is more art than technique. You will want to sort scraps into colors that are similar to the color of your Peeps. For instance, if using pastel colors for your Peeps, use soft colors such as blue, yellow, green, pink, lavender, and aqua.

Easter Peeps Mug Rug Strips

Build rows one color at a time. Once the rows are built and attached, each row will be .75 (after all rows are connected on the mug rug).

  • For each row, cut several fabric strips 1.5″ wide in a single color (such as pink) in a variety of lengths which can vary from 1.5″ to 3″. Note: The strip set will be trimmed down to 1.25″ after each row of strips is attached.
  • Each finished row needs to be at least 13″ wide so make sure there are enough strips to equal 13″. Be sure to allow for seam allowances.
  • Take the different strips from a single color and arrange in varied lengths. When the patchwork layout looks good, they are ready to be attached.
Easter Peeps Mug Rug Strips
  • Using a 1.5mm – 2mm stitch length, attach similar colored strips into a row that is at least 13″ wide. Press seams open. Set each row aside.
  • Trim strip set down to 1.25″. This will clean up the edges and make it easier to attach rows.
  • Repeat with the other five colors. Set strip sets aside.
Attaching Strips for Easter Peeps Mug Rug
Pressing strips for Easter Peeps Mug Rug
colorful row from Easter Peeps Mug Rug
  • Set stitch length to 1.5mm – 2mm and attach (3) different colored strip set rows together using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Trim to 13″ wide.
  • Press one seam up and one seam down. This will create less bulk when quilting
  • Repeat with the other (3) different colored strip set rows. Set aside.
Easter Peeps Mug Rug strip set front and back

Step 3: Create the Quilt Top

  • Take the two different colored strip sets and attach one strip set above the 3” x 13” piece of Low Volume Fabric and one colored strip set below it. Press seam allowances to the dark side.
  • It’s not necessary to trim or even up the quilt top yet.
Easter Peeps Mug Rug assembled quilt top

Step 4: Preparing to Applique

It’s time to prepare the Peeps applique designs.

  • Print and cut out the Free Peeps Template (see Step 1 above). Cardstock is recommended.
  • Trace (5) Peeps onto the paper side of the fusible web product.
preparing to applique

Step 5: Cut out the Peeps

  • Rough cut around each of the design elements leaving a 1/4″ margin.
  • Place the rough or shiny side of the the individual Peeps onto the back of the Peeps fabrics.
  • Use a hot, dry iron and fuse the elements to the wrong side of your fabrics. Let cool.
  • Cut out each of the Peeps on the tracing line. Set aside until Step 6 . 
Easter Peeps Mug Rug applique

Step 6: Applique the Peeps

  • Evenly space the Peeps on the piece of low volume fabric. Start by placing the first Peep in the center and then evenly spacing the others on either side.
  • Use a ruler and water erasable pen to mark exactly where the Peeps will be placed. This will keep them from shifting and help you visually maintain the placement correctly in case they shift when fusing to the fabric.
  • Peel the paper backing off the individual Peeps one at a time. Then, one-by-one, fuse them to the low volume fabric.
  • Remove water-erasable markings and let dry.
Easter Peeps Mug Rug - lined up
  • Using either matching thread or Superior Threads Mono-Poly Thread, straight stitch or use a tiny zigzag stitch around each individual Peep.
  • If desired, use a fine point Sharpie to draw on the eyes and nose. (see Free Template in Step 1) Be sure to test the Sharpie on a fabric scrap first. Set the ink with a hot dry iron using the highest setting. Note: The Sharpie ink will bleed if it gets wet before you set the ink with a hot dry iron.
Sewing down peeps

Need more applique help. Watch this quick video

You will also need basic knowledge about applique. Watch this short video on how to applique or see my eBook Applique Made Easy.

Step 7: Making the Quilt

Time to quilt the mug rug.

  • Make a quilt sandwich with the quilt top, batting, and quilt back. Be sure to leave at least a 1″ margin of batting and backing.
  • Quilt in any manner desired. Something like an all-over meander design, straight stitching, straight grid, or diagonal grid all would work.
  • Once quilting is finished trim away excess fabric and batting, then square your quilt to 7.5″ x 10.5″. Note: Be sure to evenly trim from top, bottom, and two sides.
Quilted Peeps

Step 8: Binding the Quilt

  • Choose binding fabric to make your mug rug stand out. Example: If using pastels, introduce a new pastel color for the binding.
  • Cut (1) 2.25″ or 2.5″ x WOF Strips.
  • Attach strips and press wrong sides together.
  • Sew binding to quilt.

If you need help with binding instructions see my tutorial: How to Machine Bind a Quilt.

Easter Peeps Mug Rug on cutting board

The Easter Peeps Mug Rug makes a great addition to any Easter basket and will be cherished long after all the Easter candy is eaten!

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Easter Peeps Mug Rug Printable Post Cover

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