Magic Pressing Mat

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Wool Pressing Mat 17″x 13.5″

The perfect pressing surface. Dense wool fibers trap the heat to press both sides at once.

Use with or without steam for professional results.

Approximately 1″ thick which is ideal.

>>>Pair this with a clapper for perfect results


Do you own a felted wool pressing mat? If not, you need to get one ASAP.

They are the best for pressing seams flat. Because the wool is so dense it traps the heat and {wait for it} it presses both sides of a block at once. {Can I get an Amen!}

I keep mine on a little shelf attached to my ironing board, making it quick to grab. I just pop it up onto the ironing board whenever I am making blocks. Nothing could be easier!

For best results, you need a mat that is at least 1″ thick.

A word of caution:  I think it’s best to use a felted wool pressing mat on an ironing board because the steam goes straight through. If not, it could ruin a wood surface after a few uses.