Fabric Storage and Organization

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If you love sewing then you probably have a fabric stash and tons of fabric scraps. Keeping them organized can be a huge challenge for most sewists.

Fabric Storage & Organization Pin

Fabric Storage and Organization

Fabric DISorganization

Fabric disorganization can cause you to unnecessarily purchase a fabric because you have no idea what’s lurking in your stash. Pre-cuts like fat quarter bundles end up tossed onto shelves or tucked away in drawers, eventually forgotten. When you do remember what you have, you end up wasting a ton of time trying to find it.

I know this because for a brief moment in time I had a handle on my fabric. All of my scraps were (and for the most part, still are) in color-coded plastic boxes.

storage cabinet

Then I fell in love with quilting and overbought purchased more fabric for my projects. And, I started buying the occasional pre-cut collection. Before I knew it my storage was overwhelmed by my fabric obsession. (no photo because it’s such an unholy mess that I can’t bring myself to take a picture)

A Girl Can Dream

In an ideal world all sewists would have their very own fabric store with all of their favorites lined up perfectly and arranged in color order. We could cut off what we want and then put the bolt back until we needed a little more fabric.

Really, who wouldn’t love this at one end of a sewing room.

fabric store

A Simple Solution

I have some great news for you. There is a way to achieve something fairly close to this. By folding your fabrics onto inexpensive magazine boards you can have a small-scale version of a sewing store!

This techniques allows you to organize your fabrics in a way that allows easy access. No more rummaging through boxes and bins looking for that fat quarter that you bought last year at a quilt festival. This method puts your fabrics within reach.

What I love about this storage technique is its versatility. You can line your fabrics up on a bookcase; or they will fit nicely in storage bins.

There are two types of magazine boards. One is pretty pricey and is a little hard to find. The other is available on Amazon and costs around $10. I’ve added affiliate links for your convenience and included two different sizes. These are what I use.

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Small Fabric Storage Boards

Large Fabric Storage Boards

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