Deer Head Applique

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Note: You do not need to own a Silhouette or Cricut in order to recreate this Silhouette Deer Head Appliqué. Read more to find out how.

My favorite way to use my Cricut or Silhouette is cutting out a simple shape and appliquéing it to a towel, t-shirt, burp cloth, etc. It embellishes the ordinary and makes really cute hand-made gifts. And, that’s how I came up with the Deer Head Appliqué idea.

Deer Head Applique

Last week I was visiting with a friend who recently had a baby and I wanted to bring a small gift. I saw this Deer Head Applique idea on the Silhouette blog and knew it was perfect.

deer head applique on shirt

That’s what I love about my Cricut. They have a ton of ideas and a ton of tutorials. I made shirts for my grandsons, a onesie for my granddaughter, and a baby gift. It took me less than 2 hours from start to finish.

For the pattern I went to the Silhouette Online store and purchased the Finnley Patterned Deer for $.99. It instantly loaded into my Silhouette software and I was ready to get started. 

Note: Because this is a simple SVG file, Cricut users can purchase this design and load it into Design Space for editing and cutting.

Designing the applique

The design has lots of details and is broken out into its many parts in the software. I used the break-apart button in the software and separated out the design features. Then I deleted everything except the deer head.

Silhouette software

I then added fusible web to the back of my fabric, peeled off the waxy backing, and pressed the fabric to my cutting mat. Note: Cricut has a special mat for cutting out fabric.

Once the machine was connected to my computer, I hit the Send button and loaded the design into the machine. After that, it was only a matter of adjusting the cut settings. Since the machines have a pre-set for cutting fabric with fusible web, there isn’t much to this.

silhouette software

Once I had the designs cut out I ironed them onto the onesies and shirts then top stitched. On the onesies, the antler details were pretty small and I had to trim them to fit. I used a straight stitch on both of the onsies and a small zigzag on the two t-shirts.

shirts with deer head applique

While this may seem like a great idea for boys, it’s pretty darn cute for a girl, too.

pink deer head applique

This was such an easy project to make. Once the two shirts were finished, I put them in a big jar and left them on Kitty’s front porch. A little later she texted me and said the boys loved them and wouldn’t this be cute on a pillow! Hmmm. I feel another project coming on.

I love this design so much I’ve since used it on two small quilts. Don’t be afraid to try this ~ even if you don’t own a Silhouette, yet. It’s so easy ~ anyone can do this.

If you want to further develop your appliqué skills, check out my eBook:

Applique Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide to Simple Appliqué Techniques

Appliqué Made Easy: A Beginner's Guide to Simple Appliqué Techniques.

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