Sewing Machine Feet: Gathering Foot

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Last Monday I talked about The Ruffler which is a foot that gathers fabric. Another foot in the gathering category is called the Gathering Foot. I don’t own this foot and have no plans to purchase it since it would be superfluous. However, I didn’t want to omit this foot from my series.

Easy Gathering Foot

The Gathering Foot’s main function is to gather AND attach at the same time. It only gathers at a set rate and isn’t adjustable. Most manufacturers will carry some sort of gathering foot and they aren’t that expensive.

Bernina Feet

Bernina has a short video on how this foot works. You will see that it is very useful for certain types of projects.

I’ve talked a lot about gathering on this blog. For me, personally, I really only use one or two methods for gathering fabric. There is this simple method for gathering fabric with a sewing machine and a really fast way of gathering fabric with a serger. Once I became familiar with gathering using these two methods, I didn’t have a need for a Gathering Foot.

However, if you don’t own a serger and you do a lot of gathering, a Gathering Foot may be an inexpensive way to go. Check with your machine manufacturer. Also, a few inexpensive options are available here.

If you own this foot and regularly use it, please chime in. I would love to know other uses for it.

I find that many people new to sewing are completely overwhelmed by the thought of gathering fabric. I hope I demystified the process and helped you better decide which methods and tools work best for your projects.

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