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Owl Applique Burp Cloth

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Who doesn’t love cute little owls. And, it’s that time again. I need a baby gift. I’m also teaching another applique class next week. Perfect timing. Like blending peanut butter and chocolate.

Thankfully, I know the baby’s sex, name, and nursery theme. Bless those mama’s who share. My life just got easier. AND, the nursery theme is owls. Doing a happy dance, now! I luuurrrvvveee owls.

Owl Applique Burp Cloth

It took me all of 5 seconds to find this adorable owl embroidery design. Ten seconds if you count the time it took to purchase and download. I added the baby’s name to the design by using my embroidery software and then did a bit of housework while the design stitched out.

Owl Applique Burp Cloth

I also wanted to applique an owl that had a raw edge design. I’m really not a very good artist and I didn’t want to have to try and draw an owl design. So, rather than trying (and likely failing) to draw a cute owl or (even worse)  hunt one down on the internet, I printed out one of the larger designs from the set I purchased. This was the simplest way to do this because the design set comes in three sizes.

Then, I traced the design to make a template of my owl. Doing it this way gives me lots of room to be creative. And, you don’t have to have a sewing machine that embroiders to do applique this way. You can easily purchase designs, print them, and make your own appliques.

Owl Applique for Baby

Now that my design is drawn out, I need to choose some cute fabric scraps from my stash. It’s really a no-brainer. Find a few fabrics that go together and you’re set.

Owl Applique Fabrics

One thing to remember when you are appliqueing something like this project ~ designs are traced BACKWARDS onto the paper side of a fusible web product like Steam A Seam 2 or WonderUnder. All I did here was turn my pattern pieces over and trace them on the back of my fusible web product.

I rough cut around the fusible web pattern pieces and then ironed them to the back of my fabric.

Next, I cut out the designs and ironed them onto a pre-fold diaper that I bought in a set of 6 (??) from Target. (Sorry there is no picture of this step; I forgot to take one). I also took a water soluble marker and drew two legs on my owl.

Owl Applique Burp Cloth

Now for the fun part. I straight stitched all around the raw edges of the different pattern pieces. Notice that it is not perfect ~ but still totally cute. I also made sure to stitch the legs.

Now, isn’t he an adorable owl ~ perfect for any nursery! I just love this cute little owl applique.

How cute is that!

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Below is a short applique video to help you better understand.


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