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Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

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Inside: Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

Don’t you just love an easy project? I know I do.

And this is one you can make in about an hour. It’s ideal for last minute gifts for family and friends.

Note: Look for the short instructional video. It will start playing automatically.

Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

For this tutorial I’ve used my Cricut Maker. But, it isn’t essential for making the project.

You will need to download a font [link below] for this project if it isn’t already on your computer. Once downloaded, the font will be accessible in Cricut’s Design Space software when opened. It will also be available on your computer.

This tutorial shows how to make the project using the Cricut Maker. For those of you who don’t have this machine, you can still make this project with a few adjustments. See Alternate Instructions for hand-cutting the design.

Materials Needed

Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

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Optional Cricut Supplies

  • Iron or Cricut EasyPress 2
  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Rotary Blade
  • Pink FabricGrip Mat (optional)
  • Cricut Brayer (optional)
  • Cricut EasyPress Mat or Thick Towel (optional)

Step 1: Prepare the Design

Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial
  • Type out the word JOY in either Cricut Design Space or any word processing software. You can size the word up or down to your personal taste.
  • The letter “J” is 3.45″ tall
  • The letter “O” is 3.10″ tall
  • The letter “Y” is 3.44″ tall

Hand-cutting Option (if you don’t have a Cricut)

OPTIONAL METHOD: If you don’t own a Cricut, you can still make this project following these steps:

Step 2: Prepare the Fabric for Applique

Now that the letters and sizes are chosen, it’s time to prepare the appliqué fabric.

Apply Heat’n Bond Lite to the back of your fabric. Be sure to place the textured side to the back of your fabric with the paper side facing up.

Apply Heat’n Bond Lite to the back of the fabric scraps. If using the EasyPress 2 with the EasyPress Mat, set the temperature to 305º F. and the timer for 10 seconds.

If using a regular iron, set iron on highest setting without steam. Press for 10 seconds.

Once cooled, remove the paper backing. The back of the fabric will now be shiny.

Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

Step 3: Preparing to Cut the Design Out

  • Since we’re using letters you will need to mirror the design. (See the Edit button in Design Space for Mirroring)
  • Place your fabric right side down on the Pink FabricGrip Mat. The shiny side with the Heat’n Bond should be facing up.
  • It is important for the fabric to be securely attached to the Pink FabricGrip Mat. Use a brayer to flatten the fabric to the mat. This will keep the fabric from stretching and secure it to the mat. Remember, when the machine is cutting, it’s going pretty fast over the fabric. Any place where fabric isn’t adhered to the mat could ruin the cut.
Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

Step 4: Cut Out the Designs

At this point, it’s time to cut the design. Follow the directions in Design Space. Be sure to choose “Cotton” for your Material.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to Mirror your design.

The software will instruct you when to load and unload the mat.

Once the design is cut out, carefully peel back the fabric at the corner and slowly pull away the excess fabric. The cut design will remain on the mat. Use a tweezers to carefully remove the design and set aside.

Simple Simple Christmas Mug Rug
Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

Step 5: Placing the Appliqué Designs

Determine where you want to place your letters. Keep in mind, you’ll be trimming this down after you quilt. Be sure to leave about 1.5″ – 2″ at the top, bottom, and sides of the word.

Place the designs shiny side down. Using a dry iron or the EasyPress 2 (305º for 10 seconds) with EasyPress Mat, fuse the designs to the top fabric. Let cool.

Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

Step 6: Time to Quilt

Note: Quilting is really a matter of personal choice. For this project I did not stitch down my letters, but you can do that if you prefer. If you want your letters stitched down, this is the place to do that.

Make a quilt sandwich using fusible batting. Fuse the batting by pressing the front and back.

For my quilt, I did a straight stitched about 1/2″ apart. I began by marking a line down the center and using a guide that was spaced 1″ apart. I then went back and stitched in between these rows using the edge of my foot as a guide.

Once you’ve finished the quilting, be sure to remove any markings.

Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial
Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

Step 7: Finishing the Mug Rug

Once the quilting is finished, trim the mug rug to approximately 8″ x 11″ (or your preferred size).

Make enough 2.25″ (or 2.5″) binding to finish the project. Attach the binding using this tutorial.

Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

Wasn’t that fun and easy! I think this simple project is ideal for last minute gifts or anything you want to personalize.

I can’t wait to see what you create!

Holiday Mug Rug Tutorial

For those of you who learn by seeng, I’ve created a short video demonstrating the entire process….

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