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How would you like the ability to avoid piecing and whip up a quilt in no time? It’s possible with quick and easy quilt panels ~ as in, no piecing required. They are ideal for a last-minute gift or a one-hour quilt.

Like the one I did below.

Whip up a quilt in no time with this quick and easy quilt panel. Ideal for last-minute gifts or a one-hour quilt. Start and finish a quilt in just a few hours.

Let me explain.

If you’re like me, time is at a premium. You want to make quilts to give as gifts, but quilt planning-cutting-piecing all take time.

I know there are quilters who really frown at anyone who uses pre-printed panels. The way I see, if you’ve sandwiched the panel with batting and a quilt back, done the actual quilting, and bound the quilt ~ in my opinion ~ you’ve made a quilt. The person receiving the quilt won’t care that you didn’t piece the quilt top. I promise. Think of it like making a wedding cake using a cake mix.

My Quilt Panel Story

I wanted to make my Dad a quilt. He lives in assisted living and a quilt would really warm up his space. I have two ways I can do this. I can spend all of my free time not visiting my Dad but working on a quilt for him OR I can buy a ready-to-quilt panel, whip up a quilt, and spend a weekend visiting my Dad. See, how that works. Everyone wins.

For my Dad, I purchased a pre-printed panel. My Dad’s favorite color is blue and I thought it wouldn’t be difficult to quilt the triangular shapes.

printed panel image

One way I simplified the process was using this easy technique for pin-basting a quilt. The entire process took me about half an hour and I was ready to start quilting.

Doing the Actual Quilting

For my Dad’s quilt I opted to use rulers for the actual quilting. I know many of you are overwhelmed by the idea of machine quilting. Rulers insure you get straight lines on a quilt.

Before starting a project, do a little practice quilting with rulers on a domestic machine. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is when you stick with simple lines. This is the route I took on this quilt and, I’m pleased to say that it was a great experience.

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Keep in mind, you will need a special ruler foot that fits your machine and is specifically designed for ruler work. These are best purchased through a dealer that carries your sewing machine brand. The only other tool necessary for machine quilting with a straight edge is an acrylic straight-edge 1/4″ ruler that fits comfortably in your hand.

Note: Do not attempt to machine quilt with one of your regular quilting rulers and a universal foot. The ruler can slip under the foot and damage your machine. It’s better to purchase the correct ruler and foot when planning to do any ruler work.

Before I attempted my quilting I watched the entire Craftsy class How to Use Quilting Rulers for Beautiful Motifs by Amy Johnson.

quilting with rulers image

My Quilting Results

Using my ruler foot and ruler, I worked on my quilt in rows. First, I quilted a straight line beneath all of the triangles. I was able to remove many of my pins and felt like my quilt and backing were pretty secure. Next, I went row by row and quilted the triangles. Finally, I went back and did the red tree trunks. That’s it.

I did the entire quilt in 30 minute blocks of time so I wouldn’t get too tired or make a mistake. Now, here’s the best part. The pre-printed panel is already square which makes squaring the quilt a snap.

Leaving a 1/4″ margin around the quilt, I trimmed off the edges and bound the quilt. And, I was done.

Pro Tip: Need help binding a quilt. See my tutorial How to Machine Bind a Quilt.

All-in-all, it was a very enjoyable way to make a quilt. I didn’t get stressed out and I love the way it turned out.

finished quilt

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  1. Would love to try this method of quilting sometime this winter. Have been working on getting my sewing room cleaned out so can work in there. Is such a small room have to have it cleaned out and organized so can move around, have iron board up for sewing/ironing needs. Am ashamed to say have let room get pretty darned messy.
    Enjoyed watching this process as shown, hoping I can get hang of it.Will come back tpo watch video few times to familiarize myself with process.
    Have great week

  2. Could you also free motion quilt this? Does it lend itself to that? This quilt is so cozy and cute–it reminds me of a lap quilt I made years ago called “Flannel Forrest”.

  3. I had no idea about quilting rulers…I’ll have to look into it. And I love the quilt you made your Dad. It’s beautiful 🙂

  4. Leslie, it’s a beautiful quilt. Time spent with loved ones is precious. You made the right choice and I bet your dad loves the quilt. He probably tells everyone who comes in his room that his daughter made the beautiful quilt for him.

  5. i’m looking for a quilt top with lots of cars on it, whether old fashioned or new cars, my grand daughter is getting married in the spring & she just became a car mechanic, hoping you can help thanks elaine

  6. Hi Leslie,

    Just a quick note for your records and all of your followers:

    “www.PatternJam.com” is now “www.StitchedCustomQuilt”.

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