How to Make Fabric Alphabet Letters

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Inside: How to Make Fabric Alphabet Letters

Sometimes we need a simple sewing project that qualifies as self-care. This type of project should allow you to do some sewing but not leave you frustrated because the project is too large or complicated.

It’s a way to get you into your sewing space and have a quick win. If it’s a great scrap buster, even better because the pressure of using up scraps has just been eliminated.

That’s why I created this perfect self-care project. It’s fast. It’s easy. It uses scraps. And, it has the potential to make a great gift (which I’ll talk more about below).

Read in fabric letters

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How to Make Fabric Alphabet Letters

Fabric Alphabet Letters couldn’t be easier. You don’t need a lot of skills or a ton of fabric. Here’s the best part: If you can sew a straight stitch then you can make these fabric letters.

Ideally, this project is perfect for 5″ charm squares, but you could cut the scrap squares a little larger (6″ x 6″) for slightly larger letters.


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Step 1: Printing Alphabet Letters

Choose an appropriate font on your computer. In this tutorial I’ve used a free font called Intro. Each letter was sized to 400 px. Other fonts would work for this project.

Experiment with a few until you come up with one that works best for your project. Stay away from script fonts or ones with any type of flourish.

Print out the letters, trim, and set aside.

Step 2: Making the Fabric Alphabet Letters

Charm squares are ideal for this project; however, if you’re not using 5″ charm squares you will need to cut out squares of fabric from your Letter Front fabric, Letter Back fabric, and the batting.

How to Make Fabric Alphabet Letters

This will ultimately depend on the size of your letters and font so it’s best to audition the letters on top of a quilt sandwich. Leave at least 1″ around each letter for sewing and trimming.

How to Make Fabric Alphabet Letters

Once you have the squares cut out, trace the letter onto Letter Front fabric and then pin around the sides.

Step 3: Make a Quilt Sandwich

Create a quilt sandwich with the Letter Front fabric, batting, and Letter Back fabric.

How to Make Fabric Alphabet Letters

Using a contrasting thread, stitch on the traced line. There is one place you might run into an issue: Because you’ll be trimming close to the edge I recommend sewing around each letter two or three times.

How to Make Fabric Alphabet Letters

Trim close to the stitching. I recommend using really sharp scissors for trimming, especially the cut outs.

How to Make Fabric Alphabet Letters

Step 4: How to Use the Fabric Alphabet Letters

Now here’s the best part. The possibilities are endless.

  • You can create an assortment of words that spell out a child’s name.
  • Create an entire alphabet for babies or toddlers. Add in a matching fabric basket and you have a unique shower gift.
  • Spell out special days like Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc. A simple way to display these would be to make a banner using a piece of bias tape and clip on the letters with  mini-clothespins.
  • Wash and dry them so they get a little frayed for an even better look!

Can you see the possibilities?

Pull some scraps, print a few letters, and have an awesome self-care sewing moment.

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