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Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space

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Inside: Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space

One of the keys to having time to sew is also having a small dedicated space where you can keep your sewing machine set up. A great way to do this is to have a specialty sewing table or cabinet that allows you to have your sewing machine readily available.

While attending Quilt Market, I purposely made time to visit with a few sewing cabinet vendors in order to understand the differences in sewing tables and cabinets. I was able to test the quality in relation to the price so you can make the best decision for Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space.

Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space

I’m going to start from the lowest priced options and move up to higher end cabinets. Technically, I’ve started with sewing tables because the ones I tested were high-quality options that I thought needed to be included in this list. I’m certain you should be able to find something that will work in your space and within your budget.

Choosing the Best Sewing Table for Your Space

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Arrow Gidget I Sewing Table

Sewing Table for Small Spaces

If you are on a budget with limited space then you will love the Gidget I Sewing Table from Arrow. It can be purchased in the $100 range and is very sturdy for the price. It will fit most standard sewing machines and has an opening that raises and lowers.

I love that you can purchase a custom insert from Arrow that will fit almost any sewing machine. One of its best features is the steel-locking legs that fold for easy storage. For the price, I consider this one of the best options for both its durability and design.

Arrow Gidget II Sewing Table

Sewing Table for Larger Sewing Machine

If you own a larger sewing machine, you might want to consider the Gidget II Sewing Table from Arrow which retails around $200. It is almost identical to the Gidget I, but has a bigger opening to accommodate a large sewing machine. The table also includes wheels to allow for easier movement.

One thing to note about this table vs. the one above: The Gidget I is made with particle board while the Gidget II is constructed from MDF (medium density fiberboard). With this table it is strongly suggested that you order the custom acrylic insert to fit your particular sewing machine due to the size of the opening. Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space

Arrow Heavy Weight Table

Sewing Table for Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine

The Heavyweight Table is specially designed to fit your vintage Singer Featherweight! It’s beautiful black finish and gold decals will complement your 221K or 222K beautifully. It is a sturdy table with an opening that is specifically sized to fit your Featherweight, so it offers free arm and flatbed sewing without the need for an insert.

And contrary to what the name implies, it’s completely portable, so it’s perfect for taking to classes and retreats, or packing in your RV.

Tasmanian Adjustable Height Table

Easy-to-Store Sewing Table

A little on the pricier side at $1,125, this table’s best feature is its ability to rotate vertically for storage. The table is height adjustable and has a sewing machine opening that can accommodate larger machines. It also includes steel legs and locking industrial coasters. I believe you can order a custom acrylic insert, but you will need to check with Arrow who has partnered with Horn of Australia to sell the Kangaroo brand.

Overall, it is a versatile table that is large enough to spread out a sewing project or use for a large cutting table. When I tested this table I found that the height adjusting crank was pretty easy to operate and it was very, very stable.

Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space

In a perfect sewing world we’d all have a space the size of a 3-car garage for sewing and crafting. Since that’s not the case, we need solutions for storing our sewing equipment but still having it easily accessible. Below I’ve curated a collection of different sewing cabinet options with varying price points. I feel certain that there is something for everyone and every budget.

Sauder Sewing Craft Cart

Inexpensive Sewing Cabinet Option

You may already be familiar with the Sauder brand of products that are usually found at Walmart. I have not personally tested this cabinet, but it has good reviews on Amazon and sells in the $150 range. Like all Sauder products, it will need to be assembled. I chose this cabinet because it has decent storage and comes in both a White and Cherry finish.

Keep in mind that this cabinet does not have an opening that creates a flush sewing surface; instead, your machine will sit on top of the cabinet. However, for the price I felt like it would be a good option and my previous experiences with other Sauder products has been very positive.

South Shore Sewing Craft Table

Sewing Cabinet for People on a Budget

This cabinet is a bump up in price from the Sauder and sells for around $250. I like this cabinet because it has plenty of storage for all of your sewing notions, plus a slide out that could also hold a serger.

Like the above cabinet, this one does not have an opening that creates a flush sewing surface. I have never tested this cabinet, but the Amazon reviews tended towards the positive.

Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet

Small Space Sewing Cabinet Option

The Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet is an ideal compact sewing cabinet. I know, because I owned one for many years. The price of this cabinet can vary somewhere in the $500-$600 range, so I suggest you watch closely for sales or discounts. This cabinet comes in three finishes: Oak, White, or Black. It has some storage in the door which is handy for holding scissors, thread, and feet.

One of my favorite features is the airlift for raising and lowering the machine. It comes with a universal insert that creates a flush sewing surface for most machines. However, you can order a custom machine-specific acrylic insert from Arrow (which is what I did).

Overall, for the size and price, I think that this is one of the best cabinets out there. When I told my daughter I was getting a new cabinet she couldn’t snap this one up fast enough.

Arrow Judy Sewing Cabinet

Inexpensive Sewing Cabinet

The Arrow Judy Sewing Cabinet is similar to the Sewnatra (see above) in size. This cabinet is priced in the $400 price range, but watch for sales or discounts! It’s compact and ergonomic when it needs to be, just pull open the white laminate face to reveal  50 ¾” of personalized, breathable workspace.

A three-position airlift, capable of holding machines up to 55 lbs, guarantees this is a cabinet that will work with you. With ample room in front of the lift, the Judy Cabinet allows the sewist to sit closer to the machine, which means better posture and less hunching!

Arrow Olivia Sewing Cabinet

Cutest Sewing Cabinet Option for Colorful Spaces

If you have a dedicated sewing space you may want to look at the Olivia Sewing Cabinet by Arrow. It’s about as cute as they come and is available in Blue, Green, and White. It sells in the $600-$700 range (again, watch for sales). This machine also has an optional Quilt Leaf  that can be attached to the back.

It has plenty of work space on either side of the machine and the storage cubbies are great for holding storage baskets or a serger. The center sewing position drops down and the optional custom acrylic insert can create a flat sewing surface. I’ve personally tested this cabinet and found it to be sturdy and durable.

 Arrow Norma Jean Cabinet

Moderate-sized Sewing Cabinet with Drawers and Rolling Cart

The Norma Jean by Arrow sells in the $900-$1,000 range (watch for sales!) with the optional Quilt Leaf that can be purchased separately. It’s very similar to the Arrow Sewnatra above, but includes four drawers and an accessory tray for storage. It comes in four finishes: Oak, Cherry, White, or Black. The airlift mechanism simplifies raising and lowering the machine which allows for easy storage.

Along with the optional Quilt Leaf, you can get a custom machine-specific acrylic insert from Arrow. Both of these options allow for a very nice sewing experience. I consider this cabinet an upgrade for someone who loves to sew and needs more space, but still wants the option to hide away the machine. Visit a dealer in your area and see if this is a good fit before investing. Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space

Kangaroo Wallaby Sewing Cabinet

Larger Sewing Cabinet to Fit Oversized Machines

Slightly more expensive than the Norma Jean above, the Kangaroo Wallaby Sewing Cabinet is another upgrade option. This cabinet sells in the $1,500 range (watch for sales). This is another great upgrade option for someone who is serious about their sewing. While it doesn’t have a lot of drawers like the Norma Jean above, it has several bins and a nice space for storing a serger.

This cabinet also comes with a quilt leaf attached to the back which expands your work area when needed and a three-position airlift for your sewing machine. You can also purchase the optional acrylic machine-specific insert for a flush sewing surface. Overall, I find this to be an excellent upgrade for someone who does a lot of sewing and needs a versatile cabinet.

Sew Station

Sew Station with woman sewing

The Sew Station is a new addition to this list and it’s one you will want to know about. Below are a few of my favorite features.

  • Electric Lifter – To me, this is one of the best features of this product. The motorized electric lifter allows you to set up and close up super fast. Usually, electric lifters are only found on cabinets that are more than double in price of this one – so having this is a huge feature.
  • Built-in Storage – There are several storage solutions that allow you to keep thread, pins, notions, etc. right at your fingertips. And it’s available in clear acrylic so you can always see what’s on hand.
  • Sew Steady Insert – This is a custom cut acrylic Sew Steady insert that perfectly matches your machine. It allows you to sew on a level surface.
  • Sturdy Wheels – The cabinet is heavy duty and has wheels that are sturdy enough to allow you to easily move your Sew Station to a new location. This is especially helpful if you sew in a dual-purpose space.

One thing to note – the Sew Station is not found in stores. You must directly order from the company. This allows them to provide a high quality product at a very reasonable price.

Use this code for a discount: THESEASONEDHOMEMAKERSEW 

Kangaroo Aussie Sewing Cabinet

Sewing Cabinet for a Dedicated Sewing Room. Ideal for Quilters.

The Kangaroo Aussie Cabinet is ideal for someone who has a large sewing space and room to spread out. The thing about this cabinet that impresses me most is how much surface space it has when fully extended AND how compact it can become when fully closed. There’s room for a serger and lots of clever storage.

It sells in the $1,700 range (watch for those sales and discounts!). It includes many of the same features that you will find on other Arrow or Kangaroo cabinets such as an airlift for raising and lowering the machine and the optional custom machine-specific insert. It’s available in white or teak.

One thing I forgot to check on is the sewing machine opening. I think it will accommodate a larger sewing machine (I’ll check with them and update). If that’s the case it’s a great price since most cabinets that hold larger machines are very expensive.


Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space

There is also what I would call the “money is no object” option and that would be a Koala Cabinet. I recently acquired a variation of the cabinet pictured above and it’s as solid as they come. Mine doesn’t have every option because I’d need a bigger house, however it does have enough surface space and storage to satisfy most fabric hoarders.

Every part of the cabinet is high quality, but that comes at a price. Koala Cabinets retail in the $2,000 – $4,000 range and are purchased though a dealer. If you’re in the market and have the budget, I’d shop around for a while and wait for a closeout or clearance sale to get the best price.

The DIY Table:

Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space

There is one other final option that I recommend: Take an inexpensive (or free) table, create a cut-out, and countersink the machine. My handy husband did this for me when I purchased my Juki TL-2010Q for free motion quilting. The only cost involved was a few special bolts and screws (and a pint of ice cream to bribe the handyman).

The secret to this method is getting it level with your table surface. There are several of tutorials on Pinterest that have instructions on how to do this. We followed this tutorial and it worked perfectly! I would only recommend this method for standard-sized machines because the platform that holds the machine might not support a machine that weighs 30+ pounds.

Sewing Chairs

Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space

Don’t forget to find a comfortable chair for sewing. Arrow has a variety of chairs to fit most sewists.

I prefer an adjustable chair with a hydraulic lift, but the key is finding one that fits your body so that you can sit comfortably while sewing. This is the sewing chair I own and it’s very comfortable and durable. It’s a bit of an investment, but I’m happy I spent the money because I can sew all day in this chair.

Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space

There are many, many options for setting up a sewing space. The key to Choosing the Best Sewing Cabinet for Your Space is finding something that works specifically for you. Now you should have enough information to get started on setting up your ideal sewing area.

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