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  1. such clear writing … great tut … i use a walking foot for the hem, that way it doesn’t roll or wave … also, i use a strip of washout interfacing, solvy, before sewing the hem …

    thanks again for a great tut ….


  2. I will admit – b/c this is anonymous – that I was stuck on the second photo down and then forgot what I was here to learn b/c… I thought you were using marshmallows as pattern weights. I was thinking “I truly like her. I wonder if she smooshes something heavy in the center and then eats them as she accomplishes her cutting.” Then I came to.

    Been really enjoying your tutorials. I wish there were places to buy knit around my town. I would love to make tee’s.

    • Absolutely. The needle has one stem but two needles.Set two spools of thread on the two thread stems (if you only have one, set the other thread in a tea cup). Thread normally until you get to the two needles and thread them separately. Only use a straight stitch. Double needles are expensive and a zigzag stitch would break the needles.

  3. Great tutorial! Actually I find knits easier to sew with than wovens since you have the stretch to play with. What kind of sewing machine do you own? I have two Janome computer ones. I am always looking for new ideas for t-shirts. I grew up wearing mostly dresses and taffeta ones at that! Those were the days! Moms these days are so lucky with fabrics that stand up to multi washes, my mom had to iron so many things.

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