Everything You Need to Know About Machine Embroidery

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INSIDE: Everything You Need to Know About Machine Embroidery

Are you curious about machine embroidery but don’t have a clue what type of questions to ask?

Throughout the next thirty-one days I will be discussing various aspects of machine embroidery and covering every detail. You’ll learn about formatting, stabilizers, digitizing software, and a whole lot more.

My ultimate goal is to help you make an informed decision before you purchase a machine.

Machine Embroidery: If you are thinking about getting a sewing machine that includes Machine Embroidery then you will want to read All About Machine Embroidery. I have 31 Popular Posts that cover every possible thing you could want to know.

Everything You Need to Know About Machine Embroidery

Below are all of the posts with more details on each of the subjects related to machine embroidery.

Read them in order. They are intended to take you step-by-step through the subject so you can make an informed decision on whether you want an embroidery machine and what machine will best fit your needs.

Day 1: Beginning Machine Embroidery

Day 2: Format

Day 3:  Software

Day 4:  Hoops

Day 5:  What to Embroider

Day 6:  Built-In Designs

Day 7:  The Display Screen I

Day 8:  Display Screen II

Day 9:  Stabilizers I

Day 10: Stabilizers II

Day 11: Stabilizers III

Day 12: Stabilizers IV 

Day 13: Thread

Day 14: Bobbin Thread 

Day 15: Needles 

Day 16: Software I

Day 17: Software II

Day 18: Digitizing

Day 19: Jump Stitches

Day 20: Specialty Scissors

Day 21: Books and Magazines

Day 22: Gizmos and Gadgets

Day 23: Where to Get Designs

Day 24: Monograms and Lettering 

Day 25: Fill Designs

Day 26: Applique 

Day 27: Quilting with Machine Embroidery

Day 28: Making Lace 

Day 29: Redwork

Day 30: Buttonholes

Day 31: Series Wrap  


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