All About Machine Embroidery:: Day 29 – Redwork Machine Embroidery

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Welcome to Day 29 of All About Machine Embroidery. Just three more days in this series.

Everything you need to know about machine embroidery

Today’s topic is Redwork.

The term Redwork refers to a popular red thread used in 19th century outlined hand embroidery.

Today, we can recreate this look with machine embroidery. Below is a traditional Redwork design from Hatched in Africa.

Redwork 1

Fortunately, digitizers have gotten really creative with redwork. It’s no longer all about Sunbonnet Sue.

How about these Enchanted Owls.

Redwork 2

Notice, that none of these designs are stitched out in red.

That’s because Redwork is no longer about using red thread, but is popular using any color thread.

However, traditional Redwork has it’s place, too.

Redwork 3
One place you will see a lot of Redwork is in quilts for children.
Redwork 4
{As a side note:  This past weekend at Quilt Market I met someone who had most of designs available in both hand embroidery and machine embroidery Redwork. I loved her work, check it out here.}



Where Redwork is concerned, I am more inclined to think outside the box, like this steampunk design. Perfect on a denim jacket.

Redwork 7
And, best of all, you can find Redwork designs everywhere and at every price.
And, that, dear friends, makes it totally worth trying a little Redwork.
Tomorrow’s topic:  Buttonholes. Yes, I said buttonholes.

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