FREE Five & Dime Quilt Pattern


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A Quilt Pattern That Promises Simplicity, Creativity, and Satisfaction

Welcome to the charming world of quilting with The Seasoned Homemaker’s Five & Dime Quilt Pattern – now available for FREE! We invite you to experience the joy and fulfillment of creating something truly beautiful with your own hands. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quilter, this pattern is designed to inspire and delight.

Ease and Simplicity: Crafted for quilters of all skill levels, the Five & Dime quilt pattern uses 10″ and 5″ precut squares, making your quilting process smooth and enjoyable from the very first stitch.

Versatility in Design: With its adaptable pattern, the Five & Dime quilt is perfect for a variety of fabric styles and colors. From modern, vibrant designs to classic, subtle hues, this pattern lets your fabric choices shine.

Perfect for a Quick Project: Looking for a fulfilling weekend project? The Five & Dime quilt is your ideal companion, designed to be completed in just a few days without sacrificing beauty or quality.

A Beautiful Outcome Guaranteed: Every stitch brings you closer to a stunning quilt that you’ll be proud to display or gift. Experience the satisfaction of a well-made, beautiful quilt that’s as fun to make as it is to share.

  • Skill Level: Absolute Beginner
  • PDF Download
  • Uses 10″ and 5″ precut sets
  • Coloring page included
  • Perfect for using up scraps!
  • Finished Twin Quilt – 58″ x 74″

Pattern is for personal use only. Duplication of any kind is prohibited.

Your Quilting Adventure Awaits

Join a community of passionate quilters and discover why The Seasoned Homemaker is celebrated for its delightful quilt patterns. The Five & Dime quilt pattern is more than just a project; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in quilting, to learn, to create, and to enjoy every moment of the journey.

We Can’t Wait to See What You Create!

At The Seasoned Homemaker, we believe every quilt has a story. Share yours with us and join our community of creative and passionate crafters. Download the FREE Five & Dime quilt pattern today and start your quilting legacy.

System Requirements: Adobe Reader software (Free at


Limited Production License is granted allowing you to create and make items to sell from this pattern in small quantities. NO mass production is allowed. The following tag line should be included with any items you sell using this pattern: “Pattern by Leslie Rutland, The Seasoned Homemaker®. 

Five & Dime Quilt Pattern © 2024 The Seasoned Homemaker®. For personal use only. Pattern is intended for the original purchaser and is NOT to be fowarded, shared or duplicated.

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