How to Hem Jeans

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How to Hem Jeans pin

It occurs to me that many of you already know How to Hem Jeans. If that’s the case then this post is probably not for you. However, for those of you who own a pair of jeans that extend beyond anything normal then this might come in handy.

Currently, I own two pieces of stretch denim fabric that are waiting to be sewn into jeans. Somehow, I can’t find the time to make them. All I need is a couple of days ~ one for cutting out and one for sewing. That’s it. Two days. In the meantime, I needed some new jeans. And, Old Navy came through. Sort of.

Learn the best way to hem your jeans. This method works great for shortening any garment with a double rolled hem. In the third photo you will understand why it’s so fast and easy. Best of all, it doesn’t leave bulk or create an additional seam at the bottom of your jeans. | Popular Pins

Really? If I was 6′ tall these jeans would still be too long. Nevertheless, hemming a pair of jeans is faster than making a pair of jeans. Here’s what I did.

First, I washed (in warm water) and dried the jeans twice. This prevents any further shrinking with future washings.

To determine the correct length I did two things. First, I put on the jeans and pinned them at a best-guess estimated length. The second thing I did was measure the inseam of a favorite pair of jeans. It turns out that my best-guess was the same as my inseam.

Using chalk, I marked where the new hemline would be.

marking hem

Using my chalk and a dressmakers ruler I made a made a mark 1″ below the new hemline. This will become the cutting line.

marking hem

You know, there’s an old saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” This rule definitely applies here. At this point I pinned the jeans up at the new hemline and gave them a quick press. Then I tried them on to make sure that this was still a good length.

Next, I removed the excess fabric by cutting on the cutting line {the one that is 1″ below the hemline}.

cutting away excess jeans

To hem jeans you need to make a double folded hem. To achieve this I folded under at the hemline and pinned. Then, I turned the jeans inside out and pressed down the hem.

folding hem

The next step couldn’t be easier. All I did was fold the cutting line under until it touched the fold line. Then I pressed and pinned.

pressing under double hem

Now it’s time to sew – almost. These jeans are actually black so I decided to use regular all-purpose thread. Depending on the top stitching on the jeans, a heavy duty jeans-weight thread might be a good choice. Another important thing to have is a jeans needle in your machine. I used a Schmetz Jeans needle in a size 100/16. When you sew over the leg seams you will thank me for suggesting using a Jeans needle.

schmetz denim needles

For my presser foot I used the Edge Stitch Foot and set it 3mm from the edge. If you don’t have an Edge Stitch Foot an All-Purpose foot will work fine.

sewing hem
hemmed jeans

How easy is that. Hemming this pair of jeans only took about half an hour. They are perfect until I can get those other two pairs sewn up.

I’ll do that right after I get a pedicure.

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