Sewing Room Cleaning Tips

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One of the biggest problems I have when sewing is all of the threads that get strewn across my sewing room. A while back I showed you a quick and easy No-Vacuum Sewing Room Idea. It involved hands and knees but was easier that toting the vacuum upstairs.

Today, I have something to add to your collection of Cleaning Tips that works especially well in the sewing room. This piece of necessary sewing room equipment doesn’t involve a vacuum, instead it employs hands, but not knees. It costs around $3.00 and doesn’t require electricity.

Cleaning Tips

Can you guess what it is?

Cleaning Tips

The lowly toilet brush, destined to be hidden behind toilets everywhere can now step into the daylight and be placed out in the open ~ ready to perform a new task.

Cleaning Tips

Friends, it doesn’t get much easier than this! Bend, swipe across the threads, pull off, and discard.

One walk around the room with my new thread picker-upper and I’m done. Easy, easy, easy.

Cleaning Tips

I am officially re-christening this handy sewing room tool. It shall hereafter be known as the Thread Sceptor. Raise them high, ladies.

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