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All About Online Craft Classes

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Inside: All About Online Craft Classes

I am a huge fan of online craft classes because they are a real bargain, and an incredible way to learn a new craft or develop a new skill. All from your computer, laptop, or smart phone.

Online Craft Classes

A Little History

I first learned sewing in 1970s by taking one semester of Home Ec and reading sewing books which contained line drawings, not photos. It was adequate and following the blind-squirrel-finds-a-nut method of learning, I was able to figure out sewing patterns and sew a thing or two. But I always longed to know more.

Vogue sewing book

When my children were young I did a lot of sewing and occasionally took classes at local fabric stores (anyone remember Cloth World???). Again, I learned something new; but time and money were at a premium around our home and this was not an effective way for me to increase my skills. So, I plugged along at a snail’s pace, always longing to grow my sewing skills.

Benefits of Online Craft Classes

This site contains affiliate links which won't change your price. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Truly, online craft classes are incredible and they have allowed us to learn new skills from some of the best artists around. The classes are now succinct and focused. Some of the most creative crafting educators are now able to teach you new skills. Best of all, you’ll never miss a thing because you can pause, take notes, and rewind. Try doing that in a live class.

There is now so much variety available through several online learning platforms such as Craftsy, Creativebug, and CreativeLive. Each platform is unique in its own way and offers different methods for relaying the information. This variety has improved the quality of the individual classes; but it also has opened crafty doors to individuals who have different learning styles. Find the right platform for your learning style and you’ll be unstoppable.

Because each of the different learning platforms are unique in the way they present their information, I have broken them out and listed their features.

This site contains affiliate links which won't change your price. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


Craftsy offers both a membership with an annual fee or individual classes. Personally, I have found that the membership is the most economical way to enjoy classes. I spend a lot less money on classes and I’m able to access all the classes I want.

This is great when there is some small technique I want to master. I can search through the catalog to find a course that teaches this lesson. It’s faster than YouTube and the quality is alway excellent.

Online Craft Classes Image

The Benefits of Craftsy:

  • Craftsy memberships are $7.99 per month or an annual fee of $79.99. Membership gives you unlimited access to thousands of creative classes, plus access to professionally-tested patterns, recipes, and project ideas. Watch for sales on the annual fee.
  • Craftsy also sells individual classes. They regularly have sales on these classes. I recommend signing up for their email list to learn more.
  • Craftsy has over 1,500 classes to choose from – all taught by masters in their field.
  • Classes contain approximately six different lessons on a particular topic. Each full lesson averages about 12 minutes in length and is broken down into small segments that can easily be mastered. That means you’ll be able to thoroughly learn about a topic, but not be overwhelmed with unnecessary information.
  • Craftsy also has mini-classes that can be watched in less than an hour.
  • Most classes have a downloadable materials list.
  • Classes can still be purchased individually if this is what you prefer.
  • If you have the Craftsy app, you can stream directly to your device.
  • Craftsy is focused on teaching you how to master a project, skill, or craft. Personally, I have learned so much through Craftsy and love their platform.


At first glance you might think that Creativebug is identical to Craftsy. From the start Creativebug has approached online craft classes differently. Their video style is artistic, their content presentation is beautiful, and their teachers are exceptional. The platform’s commitment to artistry and creativity comes through the minute you click on their site.

CreativeBug Image
  • Creativebug is a membership only site that charges a $7.95 monthly subscription fee. You have unlimited access to ALL classes each month that you are subscribed. You are able to keep one class a month for every month you are subscribed, and your saved classes will not expire even if you cancel your subscription. The monthly subscription costs vary slightly and there are always promotions. (Watch for regular sales!) When you start looking through the classes this will make better sense.
  • If you are unsure about committing to a monthly fee, you can try-before-you-buy with Creativebug’s Free Trial.
  • Creativebug has a collection of over 1,000 art and craft classes. Some are short and focused on understanding a particular technique – such as inserting a zipper. Many are very detailed classes that cover everything needed for that topic. There are also courses that help you develop a skill over time.
  • Rather than a simple written biography, Creativebug takes the time to produce a few short, documentary-like videos about their instructors. These videos make taking a class feel really personal. A few instructors have ‘deeper look’ videos that take you into the artist’s life and help you really understand what influences their art. I highly recommend watching a few of these videos.
  • Creativebug is focused on creativity and their online classes feel more like learning documentaries. Because of the instructor videos, I find myself connected to the teachers and can’t wait to learn. The classes have such a personal feel and I am inspired to create art rather than learn a skill.

The Benefits of Creativebug:

  • The class lengths vary greatly. Some videos are about an hour in length and some are under 20 minutes. This means that you can log in and create something quickly. On the other hand, there are some lengthy classes that thoroughly cover their subject. This gives you a ton of learning options.
  • One of the best features is the professional videos of simple things like reading a knitting pattern. I know you can find these on Youtube, but the Creativebug videos are way more engaging.
  • The website is easy to navigate and focused on providing excellent online classes. Since all they offer are online classes, they excel at online classes.
  • Creativebug has a video channel called CBTV where you can view live videos on their Facebook page.
  • In 2017, Creativebug was acquired by Joann stores. This partnership allows for some crossover discounts.


You may be inclined to think that CreativeLive is just like Craftsy or Creativebug. Again, this platform is completely different and the best way I can sum them up is to say that the classes are like an amazing continuing education class with total focus on the student gaining knowledge about a particular subject.

All About Online Craft Classes creative live image
  • One of the things that sets this format apart is that many of the classes have either an audience or a live class. You watch the instructor interact with students as she explains a new technique or idea. While this isn’t true for all classes, it is more common in the craft and maker classes.
  • The classes are very thorough and include a large number of lessons. Think about this as though you’re taking a continuing education class at your local community college.
  • Some classes are a lot more expensive than you would expect. However, the quality of the classes is in line with a live event that you might pay a lot of money to attend. Since there are no travel expenses involved, $79 seems like a bargain. I’ll put this in perspective: I paid $150 to take an all-day class at QuiltCon in 2015. The teacher, Cheryl Arkison, has a similar class on CreativeLive for $29. The same teacher, nearly the same subject, but a fraction of the money I spent.
  • CreativeLive classes have lifetime access and are available for streaming and are downloadable to your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • While the platform isn’t particularly designed for crafters, it works well for many crafting subjects. CreativeLive’s commitment to using the best instructors in their field means that these classes will be high quality and extremely informative.
  • Something I love about CreativeLive is the On Air classes. Just log in and you can watch a class for free because it’s on air. You will get an idea about how the classes are presented and have a better understanding of the platform.
  • Upcoming free classes are scheduled in advance and you can RSVP to these classes. I believe there is a limit so it’s best to sign up early. Notice how some of the classes are for one day, and some classes last the entire month. If you look at the line-up you will notice there is a class on recording heavy metal music and then down a bit is one on crochet. Truly there is something for everyone at CreativeLive!
All About Online Craft Classes list of classes

The Benefits of CreativeLive:

To help you understand the quality of the information presented in a CreativeLive class, I enrolled in a non-crafty class called Fast Start Nikon D750. This class is a complete guide to my camera. The camera’s instruction manual is 537 pages (that’s 17 hours of reading at 2 minutes per page). Although I’m somewhat familiar with Nikon cameras, I knew I still needed some instruction.

I could’ve taken a class at the store where I purchased my camera. Classes are $69-$129 per course and 40 miles one-way from my house. I’ve taken a couple of classes through the store and there’s always someone who monopolizes the the entire class with questions. Plus, my questions never get answered and I leave confused rather than confident.

My learning experience with the CreativeLive class is the complete opposite. I can take the class at my own convenience. The outstanding instructor, John Greengo, is an excellent teacher; and he provides clear, thorough, and easy-to-follow instructions. The class includes a Fast Start Guide that breaks down the 537 page manual into an easy-to-follow 9 page pdf document that can be downloaded to my computer or phone.

In five hours the class covers sixteen lessons and provides everything needed to get the most out of my camera. There is no way I could ever find a class of this caliber for $49 with the ability to review the class over and over again. Best of all, I’m confident that I will be able to take awesome photos.

Final Thoughts:

All About Online Craft Classes - cover image

I believe the best way to see which platform fits your learning style is to join each platform’s email list. Within a few weeks you should be able to determine what fits your budget and learning style. Since it’s free to get on the email lists for all of these platforms, I believe doing this will help you see which one works best for you.

By now I hope you have a clear understanding of the three different platforms available for online craft classes. As you can see each platform is unique in its own way. Craftsy is a one-stop shop for most of your crafting needs. Creativebug helps you unearth your inner artist. And, CreativeLive approaches subjects from a continuing education point of view.

Find the learning platform that speaks directly to you. Learn something new. Explore the crafty side of life, and you will hear your soul sing for joy!

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