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Hello and welcome to The Seasoned Homemaker.

I’m Leslie, a native Texan living the simple life in Austin, TX with my husband of 37 years (as of 2014). Even though our two daughters are grown and married, I still love taking care of my family and my home. I live for moments spent with my grandchildren. Pull up a chair, kick off your shoes, and grab yourself a cup of coffee as I navigate domestic bliss from my {seemingly never} empty nest.

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The Seasoned Homemaker Sews

The Seasoned Homemaker Sews

The Seasoned Homemaker began as a way to share my life-long passion for sewing. As a young girl, I was always around talented women who loved sewing. I began sewing and designing when my Barbie needed something new to wear. With fabric scraps from my mother’s stash and some blunt-tip scissors, a lifelong passion began.

In 2007, I opened Sugar Pie Chic on Etsy to sell aprons from patterns I had designed. I began creating patterns from my designs after my customers kept asking me to convert my designs into patterns. I happily obliged. They are now available here.

The Seasoned Homemaker Gardens

The Seasoned Homemaker GardensWhen I’m not in my studio sewing, I’m usually in my garden dreaming up new ways to dig up the grass in my suburban landscape and move perfectly happy plants to new locations.

I used to plant an organic vegetable garden twice a year. We have recently downsized and now have a much smaller xeriscaped yard.  Still, I optimistically hope to produce a few edible things now and again.

My gardening obsession keeps me real and causes me to have some seriously horrible manicures, occasionally smell like manure, and have a wicked farmer’s tan. Still, I can’t help myself.

The Seasoned Homemaker’s Kitchen

Clean KitchenI have Celiac Disease which means I keep a must keep a gluten-free kitchen. Since this discovery in 2005, I’ve been perfecting my gluten-free repertoire.

It doesn’t end there. Preparing food that nourishes and restores the body has become a new passion. There are lots of trials and errors as I discover what works and what doesn’t work.

Any way you slice it, cooking is always an adventure in my kitchen.

Note: The last time my kitchen was this clean was when I took this picture.

Thank you for sharing a moment with me

I am honored that you have stopped by to visit. Your comments, wit, and wisdom are the fuels that drive this blog.