How would you like to master color in quilts?

Does developing your own unique quilting style interest you?

Would you like to do these things while trying out lots of fun, new techniques, alongside like-minded quilters from all over the world?

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Have you heard about the Meander Quilt Guild?

It’s an online guild started by my friend and fellow Austinite, Shannon Brinkley. At its core, Meander is a journey to explore lots of quilt styles and techniques, develop our own unique quilting style, and master color.

When I first heard about this I was intrigued, but when I dug a little deeper I was impressed at the depth and quality available.

Meander is more than just a few videos to teach you a little about quilting. It is a membership site meant to take you on your own quilting journey and along the way help you uncover your creative side.

It is full of details that teach and inspire. These are so important if you really want to move your quilting to the next level, even if you are just getting started!

The Meander Quilt Guild

The Meander Workshops

Within the member area you will find that Meander is rich in quilting resources. These aren’t quick videos; instead, they are workshops full of valuable information and vivid details. Shannon is an excellent teacher and effortlessly imparts her knowledge. Her enthusiasm for quilting is contagious.

For instance, within the Color category you will master and understand color theory. It’s that thorough. There are handouts and Shannon’s conversational teaching style makes things like Color Theory, Hue, and Value understandable and applicable.

The Meander Quilt Guild

Learn New Techniques & Styles

But the real deal is the Quilting-making Styles section where you will learn how to develop your own style of quilting.

For instance, if you’re interested in Hawaiian quilts, then there are four lessons each covering a different aspect of Hawaiian quilting PLUS 10 design templates. Currently there are over twenty Quilt-making styles in this section with new styles being added each month. It’s really limitless in potential. To learn more, click the pink button below.

More important, though, is your exposure to different styles of quilting. This will insure you solidify your own personal quilting style. I truly couldn’t love this more!

The Meander Quilt Guild

Studio + Design

In the Studio Shannon shows you how to set up AND organize your sewing space even if you don’t have a dedicated place to sew.

She also teaches you how to create your first original design. I was completely blown away with how easy it was to do this.

Learn How to Set Up a Creative Studio Space

Tons of Resources

Within the Resources section you’ll find videos, printables, and tutorials on all kinds of techniques.

The Meander Quilt Guild

Monthly Quilt Guild Meeting

At its core, Meander is a quilt guild full of quilting lessons and mastery. That alone makes it valuable. But there’s one more thing that really sets this site apart and that’s the monthly Quilt Guild Meeting.

Just like your own guild there’s even a show and tell. It’s a live chat with a replay for those who can’t make it.

Within the community there is also a Facebook Page so you will always have a sense of community and a place to bounce around your ideas.

The Meander Quilt Guild

With Meander, Shannon Brinkley has created something new and powerful. She is teaching you how to quilt, but more importantly, she’s taking you on a journey to uncover the quilter and artist within.

Shannon shows you how to use quilting as a way to unlock your own imagination. And, we all know how awakening that can be.

Take a minute and check out Meander. Below is a linked button that will introduce you to Shannon. You’ll be able to see and understand how valuable this tool really is. I know you’ll be as impressed and excited for this as I am.

If you want more information, click the above link, watch the video, then sign up for the FREE Workshop.

Here’s to unlocking your own unique imagination and finding your inner artist!