Sewing Machine Feet: Non-Stick Foot

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Inside: Sewing Machine Feet: Non-Stick Foot

I’m here today with another installment of my Sewing Machine Feet Series. Today I am going to talk about the Non-Stick Foot (sometimes called a Teflon or Ultra-Glide foot).

Why a Non-Stick Foot? Well, if you’ve ever tried to sew clear vinyl or laminated cotton then you know why someone created a Non-Stick Foot. And, let’s not forget leather, pleather, oil cloth, and ultra-suede. Without a Non-Stick Foot, these fabrics are not going to cooperate.

Sewing with Vinyl

What is a Non-Stick Foot Do?

Basically, the Non-Stick foot has a plastic coating on the sole. You can see how the bottom of the foot is very smooth. The smooth, non-stick coating is what reduces friction and causes the foot to glide over the vinyl, etc.

Sewing with Vinyl

Most manufacturers will offer a non-stick foot. Bernina has 4 different non-stick feet, including a zipper foot and an open toe foot. I only own one non-stick foot and it is an all purpose zigzag foot. If I were to sew things like leather skirts, I might invest in the zipper foot. I might want an open-toe non-stick foot if I did a lot of applique on leather.

How it Works

Since this is a very specialized foot, I don’t pull it out very often. I decided to show how it works on a business card holder. The card holder is something I made in the hoop with my embroidery unit. The only problem:  It’s too big for my new business cards.

Sewing with Vinyl

If I were to put my cards in this holder they would fall out ~ which is exactly what they did ~ and it was really embarrassing. Since I will be heading to Quilt Market in Houston next month it would be nice to have this fixed.

To correct the problem, I needed to sew a small seam on either side of the original seam.

Sewing with Vinyl

If you’ve ever sewn with a non-stick foot then you know how easy this was. It took me just a few seconds. Pop on the new foot, line up the seam, stitch, and cut the thread.

I got nice, even stitches. If I had tried this with my all purpose foot then friction would have caused the stitches to be short and uneven. Plus, it would not have liked going over the non-vinyl spot.

Sewing with Vinyl

Any project can be made easier when you have the right tool. Having a Non-Stick Foot is a perfect example of this. Without it, I would not have gotten the same result. Instead, I would’ve thrown this card holder away because I had made such a mess.

One place you might find this foot indispensable would be in making Halloween costumes. If you are attaching patches to costumes or using unusual fabrics this foot could save you hours of frustration ~ and seam ripping.

Most sewing machine manufacturers should carry some sort of Non-Stick Foot. Prices will vary depending on the manufacturer.

I have seen examples where sewists put a piece of scotch tape across an All-Purpose foot. This might work for a small job ~ but keep in mind ~ every place the needle punches on vinyl, leather, etc. will leave a hole. No ripping out your mistakes.

For me, that is too high of a risk and I will stick to my Non-Stick Foot.

—> Click this link to learn about other sewing machine feet!


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  1. Hi again Leslie! I love your little business card holder – very sweet. I was thinking how nice this would be for passport covers too. Do you have a pattern for this? x

    1. Check back in a few weeks, I’m working on a tutorial to make a name badge holder for Quilt Market ~ but it looks just like a passport holder.

  2. You made my day! I’m hoping that one is available for my machine and I’m going to buy one today.
    I’ve been tackling with this problem for awhile. I make and sell steering wheel covers. To prevent them from slipping on the steering wheel, I sew Cloth Grip(little rubberized dots on a polyester fabric) on the lining. As soon as I start to sew it on the flannel the foot does it’s own thing and it looks like a mess. I’ve solved the problem by placing a piece of an index card directly under the edge of the foot. It works but it is an extra step and slows me down, time is precious. I can’t wait to try this new gadget. Thank a bunch for sharing. Pinned, too.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I sew on alot of vinyl and laminated cotton, it can be a pain!! I have tried putting painters tape on my foot and it helps but still sticks. I may have to get one of these! Thanks

  4. Thank you so much for this tip! I had no idea this foot existed and it is exactly the solution I was looking for to solve my problem with laminated fabric.

  5. I had no idea there were so many cool feet for my sewing machine! Thanks so much for sharing your links at our “Best Of The Weekend party”! I have pinned this to our party board and to another big board too. We hope to see you again at the next party! Have a great week xoxo, Claire

  6. I have recently purchased a leather sewing machine of local brand called vikrant

    They give only one pressure foot i.e. regular all purpose foot

    So from where could i purchase the non stick foot and walking foot

    Whether any other brands pressure foot would suits to my machine because my dealer told me that there is not any other type of pressure foot available for my machine

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