The Clear Sole All-Purpose Foot

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Inside: The Clear Sole All-Purpose Foot

Today is another installment in my Sewing Machine Feet series that I started here. Today’s foot is the Clear Sole All-Purpose Foot. While not identical, it is as basic as the All-Purpose Foot, except it is clear. And, being clear is what makes it awesome.

Being clear allows me to see exactly what I’ve just sewn and if everything is straight and lined up.

Why I use this foot for most projects

This is the foot that is always attached to my machine. Almost every project starts and ends with this foot ~ that is how basic it is.

Like the regular All-Purpose Foot, this foot has a 5mm opening that allows for straight, utility, zigzag and decorative stitching.

While this foot isn’t standard on most machines, many manufacturers offer variations of a Clear Sole All Purpose foot. Sometimes it is called an Applique Foot. There are some after-market sellers who also offer Clear Sole feet. I recommend you visit a sewing store and see what they offer.

Notice the red markings on my foot. This is what makes this foot so wonderful. The markings allow for greater accuracy when stitching.

Presser Feet

For instance, I can take chalk or a water soluble pen and mark a line where I want to stitch. As long as the red center line on my foot lines up with the line I’ve drawn, my stitching will be perfectly accurate. This works beautifully on a decorative stitch which can go in several different directions as it is stitching out. Keep the red line on the marked line and your stitching will be lined up perfectly.

Presser Feet

If I had a complaint it would be that my foot is completely enclosed {this isn’t the case with other manufacturers}. In order to get my thread beneath the foot, I have to first take a stitch. While this is a minor inconvenience, I would really prefer the foot had a thread slot on one of the sides.

Presser Feet

Whenever I teach new sewists, I always recommend this foot as essential. Once you’ve sewn with it, you will wonder how you ever got along without one.

Presser Feet

Having fun with one of my favorite feet.

Update:  I’ve recently found an online seller that carries a variety of feet for most machines. Check them out here.

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