The All-Purpose Foot

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This post is the first in a series about sewing machine feet.

Throughout this series, I will be demonstrating with Bernina feet. However, all manufacturers make similar feet. Visit a local sewing store and ask them to show you the feet that would be appropriate for your machine.

The All-Purpose Foot

While Bernina calls this an all-purpose foot, many manufacturers will refer to it as a standard foot, universal foot, or a zigzag foot. No matter the name, this foot should have a few common features.

The All Purpose Foot

As the name indicates, this sewing machine foot is designed for almost all purposes. When you purchase a sewing machine (either new or used) it will come with an All-Purpose Foot.

The All Purpose Foot

No matter what your machine’s manufacturer calls this foot, it is basic in every way.

It should have a slot or opening of some sort that allows you to pull your threads to the back of the machine. This keeps threads from creating a bird’s nest when you start sewing.

Details About the All Purpose Foot

The All-Purpose Foot should have an opening wide enough for you to do zigzag sewing as well as other decorative stitching.

Most All Purpose feet will have some sort of markings that helps you sew straight. On this foot, there is a center guide marked in the center of the foot. This will help create nice straight stitches.

The All Purpose Foot

Fabric should easily fit beneath this foot and allow you to make needle position adjustments or stitch width adjustments. In the photo below, notice how the foot is wide enough to hold the fabric in place while my needle is positioned near the edge of the fold.

This allows me to control needle placement. The center mark helps keep my stitching straight.

The All Purpose Foot

Perfect for Decorative Stitching

The beauty of an all purpose/standard foot is how well it works with decorative stitching. The 5mm opening on this foot allows for ease of stitching when using many of the utility and decorative stitches that are built into a machine.

Using a rayon or polyester (embroidery) thread will only add to your ability to create.

Take a minute and get creative with your Sewing Machine Feet.

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