Sewing Machine Feet: Satin Stitch Applique Foot

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Inside: Sewing Machine Feet: Satin Stitch Applique Foot

I am back with another installment of my Sewing Machine Feet series. This time I’m talking about the Satin Stitch Applique Foot.

I know I have already talked about the Open Toe Foot here. Technically, this foot is a little on the overkill side, but it is my go-to foot for most of my applique projects.

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Designed for Satin Stitching

Different sewing machine manufacturers have some sort of version of a Satin Stitch Applique Foot. Most will be a clear sole Open Toe Foot. Some manufacturers will have several different versions of an Open Toe/Applique Foot. Any of these will work well for most applique situations. Like I said, overkill.

What makes the Bernina Satin Stitch Applique Foot different is the way it hinges slightly. This feature makes the foot easily glide over bulky satin stitches.

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Unlike my other Satin Stitch Foot, this foot has a smaller 2mm needle opening making it ideal for narrow satin stitching. You can see how the wide opening at the back and the deep channel allow the foot to easily glide over dense stitching.

Learn How to Applique
Learn How to Applique

Features of this Foot

Before sewing machine companies started selling machines that could embroider, satin stitching was done on a regular sewing machine using a satin stitch foot. It is impossible to satin stitch without this specialty foot. If you don’t believe me, then try satin stitching with your Universal Foot.

So why would anyone need a set of satin stitching feet when a sewing machine with an embroidery attachment can be purchased for less than an iPad? For me, easy applique projects like this one are not really suitable for machine embroidery. The heavy duty pre-fold diaper doesn’t embroider well on a sewing machine embroidery unit. Because of its bulk, I would need a light commercial 10-thread embroidery machine to get quality machine embroidery ~ which defeats the purpose of creating a personalized, hand-made gift.

Add in the hinging feature, and this foot is perfectly suited for simple applique projects ~ even if you don’t use a satin stitch.

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Another reason I keep this foot handy – you never know when you might need to whip up a superhero cape for someone. No other foot would do for such an important project.

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