Sewing Machine Covers

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One way to keep your sewing machine running well is to cover it. Most machines come with some sort of cover, but these are either made of flimsy plastic or some sort of hard cover.

What you really need is a soft cover that perfectly fits your machine and allows you to easily cover it after each use.

Collection of sewing machine covers

Since purchasing my new Juki TL2010Q I’ve been thinking about making a sewing machine cover. Actually, I’ve been wanting to make a trio of matching covers for all three of my machines that sit out.

With that in mind, I’ve collected a few sewing machine covers from around the web that I think have tons of potential.

A couple of these patterns can be purchased, but most are free on the web.

Patterns to Purchase

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1. A Simple Quilted Cover

This is a purchased pattern available on Craftsy. I chose it because it includes quilting and a bias binding. I think this style would look nice in any sewing room.

simple sewing machine cover

2. Vintage Caravan Sewing Machine Cover

This Etsy pattern falls under the category of too cute for words. This could be very cute if you have more than one machine that sits out. Imagine the possibilities.

Caravan sewing machine cover

Free Patterns

1. Sewing Machine Cozy

This simple tutorial doesn’t require any special skills and is easy to follow. I especially love the fabric she has chosen and the side pocket is a nice touch.

sewing machine cozy

2. Cover with Decorative Stitches

Break out the decorative stitches on your machine and create a masterpiece. This pattern includes several storage pockets, two loops at the sides, and a handle on top. Removing and storing the cover would be a snap.

Decorative stitched sewing machine cover

3. Undercover Maker Mat

This machine cover does double duty. By day it keeps your sewing utensils organized and close by. When you’re done sewing, it becomes a cover. Very clever, indeed.

Covering your serger or sewing machine is essential. This collection of tutorials will show you how to make simple sewing machine covers in very little time. Want to know everyone's favorite - it's sewing machine cover #2!

Bonus: Serger Cover

This serger cover pattern is one I created years and years ago. I still use it. It follows the drape and tie method and is very easy to whip off and back on. Not my best work, I was just beginning to experiment with quilting. Obviously, I have learned a lot since making this cover.

serger cover

Choose a cover style that suits you and then make something fun and unique. Your sewing machine will thank you.

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