Quilt Pattern Writing Course

Have you ever looked at a beautifully crafted quilt and wondered about the creative process behind it? Did this spark your imagination and have you dreaming about taking your quilt ideas and turning them into patterns.

I have good news! There is something coming in September called the Quilt Pattern Writing Course. If you’re eager to dive into the world of quilt pattern writing, this is the course for you and now is the time to start!

My Story:

Since 2008 I’ve been writing tutorials and sharing quilting and sewing techniques on this blog. And doing this is an unparalleled delight to this day. Everyday I hear from readers with requests for more information or details about starting a quilting or creative business. These questions really put a fire in me to create something that would answer their questions, but on a more professional level.

And that’s when I discovered Elizabeth Chappell’s Quilt Pattern Writing Course. It became more than a launchpad guiding me through the quilt pattern writing process. It helped me discover my own quilting niche so I could create designs that captivate the quilting community.

In September, 2022 I literally knew nothing about writing quilt patterns! Within 4 months of completing the Quilt Pattern Writing Course I had earned back the cost of the course, the annual Adobe Suite cost, and profited several thousand dollars. 

What You’ll Learn in the Course:

Taking the Quilt Pattern Writing Course opened up a whole new world of quilt design. It’s more than just a series of lessons, but a real gateway into the world of quilting. There are practical things to learn like Adobe Illustrator, but the course goes a lot deeper. One of the biggest features you’ll gain from the QPWC is Industry Insights. And that is truly the magic of this course.

Below are the practical elements in the course:

Industry Insights: For me, this was the magic missing piece to my business. Throughout the course I learned about the quilt industry’s intricacies which equipped me with the knowledge to fashion a business that is geared towards my audience and their needs.

Adobe Suite Essentials: Ever wondered how those stunning quilt patterns come to life on paper? The QPWC demystifies Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign, helping you learn the ropes of these essential tools. No prior experience required—you’ll start from the basics! I know, because this was me a year ago!

Crafting Quilt Blocks: Creating quilt blocks is at the heart of pattern writing. The hands-on lessons will teach you how to design and execute various quilt blocks, turning your imagination into tangible patterns that quilters will love to create.

Professional Pattern Creation: Step into the shoes of a professional pattern writer. Learn to write your instructions logically, create easy-to-follow diagrams, and develop pattern layouts that resonate with quilters of all levels.

Building a Quilting Community: You won’t be on this journey alone! The QPWC includes a collaborative element where you’ll work closely with a small team of fellow learners. Together, you’ll exchange ideas, provide feedback, and support each other’s growth. This was such a valuable element and helped me build confidence as a pattern designer.

Why This Course?

Tailored for All Levels: No prior experience needed. The QPWC course is beginner-friendly, ensuring you grasp every concept. I had almost zero experience with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign and now I feel comfortable designing in both.

Hands-On Learning: Dive into practical exercises that teach you how to use Illustrator and InDesign specifically for quilt pattern writing. 

Expert Guidance: Experienced instructors and team leaders will walk beside you through every step, providing personal feedback and support.

Small Teams, Big Connections: You’ll be part of a close-knit community of learners who share your passion. Collaborate, exchange insights, and grow together. This continues to be one of the most valuable assets I received from the course!

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What if you aren’t ready for the QPWC?

I understand that many of you may not be quite ready for this course. Never fear, I have something else that is ideal for someone with little to no experience. The best way to know when this this pre-Quilt Pattern Writing Course is available is to join my special list for anyone interested in starting a business in the quilt industry. You’ll be the first to know about all things related to building your creative business.

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