How to Make a Mason Jar Pin Cushion

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Inside: How to Make a Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Because I have this serious obsession with sewing pins I put together an almost no-sew pin cushion project. (See my Essential Guide to Sewing Pins here)

They make great gifts for sewing friends, teachers, table decorations, or sewing club gifts.

How to Make a Mason Jar Pin Cushion cover picture

How to Make a Mason Jar Pin Cushion


  • 1 Mason Jar (any size works)
  • 6” X 6” Fabric Scrap
  • Batting
  • Needle and Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun + hot glue sticks
  • Piece of cardboard or felt
  • Scissors

Step 1: Prepare the Fabric

Round out the edges of the 6 x 6 piece of fabric. It doesn’t have to be perfect, either.

step 1 cutting

Take the needle and thread and make a loose running stitch around the inside edge of the fabric.

Or, set a sewing machine on the longest stitch length and stitch around the outer edge.

adding gathers

Gather the thread by pulling it up.

pulling gathers

Step 2: Add Batting

Stuff some batting into the fabric circle until it is nice and pouffy.

Hint: If you have any wool batting, this makes the best pin cushion stuffing because the lanolin from the wool helps your pins go into fabric better.

add batting

Put the lid into the bottom of the pouffy circle and then pull the gathering threads tighter.

Add more batting if it isn’t pouffy enough.

pull gathers

Step 3: Finish the Mason Jar Top

Hot glue the fabric to the bottom of the lid. This helps hold it all in place. Be sure to trim the thread tails.

hot glue gathers

Cut a circle of fabric from either the cardboard or felt. I traced the inner circle of the jar ring.

cut felt

Hot glue the felt or cardboard to the bottom side of the lid to cover the raw edges.

glue felt

Step 4: Fill Mason Jar and Enjoy

Push the pin cushion into the jar ring.

add to lid

Fill the jars with buttons, sewing notions, pins, or even candy.

finished jars

Top with some really cute pins.

finished jars

This will be the last time I use the word pouffy in this post.

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