How to Grow and Store Onions

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Back here I blathered on about How to Grow Onions It has been my experience when growing onionsif you plant them, they will grow. Other than regular watering (this year in the form of rain) and a little organic fertilizer occasionally sprinkled about, I just planted ’em and harvested ’em.

How to Grow Onions

This year, we had a drier winter, but I was still able to get a decent amount of onions ~

Onion Storage

{and garlic ~ in case you were wondering}

Storing Garlic

In preparation for storage, I let my onions air-dry for about a week. It’s an inexact science, but completely curing onions for storage takes about a month.

Nevertheless, I’ve pulled all of the onions and will be trimming the green stalks to about 12 inches. I want them to cure enough to form layers of skin which will keep them fresh for months.

About two weeks later (when I’m in a temporary apartment) I will wipe off more dirt and trim the roots. At this point, I’m almost ready to store my onions. But, before I put them away, I leave them on the porch another week or two. After that, I trim the stalks and get ready for long-term storage.

And, this begs the question, “How do I store all of these onions?”

The answer:  Pantyhose.

I bet you thought that these were only for making your legs appear suntanned.

How to Store Onions

Growing onions in Texas isn’t like growing onions in northern climates. Once cured, my onions will only last about four months {but I always use them all before they start to get soft}.

Still, I need to store them so that they last. By stuffing my onions into the leg of a pantyhose and then knotting between onions, I can assure they stay viable until every last one is gone.

After pantyhosing (???) the onions, I hang them on a nail in the pantry and cut from the bottom as needed.

Storing Onions in Pantyhose

Even if you don’t grow your own onions, you can still buy a large quantity of onions locally, then pull out those old, unused pantyhose and store your onions.

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