Easy Quilt Block Tutorials for Beginners

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Inside: Easy Quilt Block Tutorials for Beginners

Want to learn to quilt? If so, then it’s best to start with the basics.

Did you know that just a few quilt blocks are the basis for a majority of quilts?

That’s right. Master these blocks and you’ll be able to make almost any quilt you desire.

Learn How to Make the Perfect Hourglass Quilt Block

Easy Quilt Block Tutorials for Beginners

Most of these quilt blocks begin with half square triangles. They also can be cut using a rotary cutter, rotary mat, and acrylic ruler.

Having these skills and tools mean you’ll be able to easily get started making quilt blocks and from there, quilts.

Note: I am not showing the 4-Patch or the 9-Patch block because many of the following incorporate these blocks.

4-Patch Quilt Blocks

The Pinwheel Quilt is a basic 4-Patch block but it uses a half square triangles (HSTs) to create the design. The trick with this block is getting the center to match and that starts with accurate cutting and a scant 1/4″ seam allowance.

Master that and you’ll be on your way.

How to Make a Perfect Pinwheel Quilt Block

Another basic 4-Patch that uses HSTs is the Hourglass Block. This is one of the most versatile blocks because it can be dramatically different depending on your fabric choice. This pattern is a great way to learn about color value as well.

Learn How to Make a Perfect Hourglass Quilt Block

The Ribbon Star Block is another simple 4-Patch block that uses high contrast to create a design. If you want to add more interest, try using different fabrics. This one is easy to make and looks great in a quilt because of the secondary patterns it creates. I think it’s ideal for a baby quilt!

Learn How to Make a Ribbon Star Quilt Block

For my tutorial, I called this a Valentine Star, but it’s actually a traditional LeMoyne Star. It looks complicated, but is really just a basic 4-Patch block that uses half square triangles in a clever way.

Notice the Pinwheel in the center. Now imagine this block throughout an entire quilt.

Learn How to Make the Perfect Hourglass Quilt Block

Sometimes it’s just a matter of fabric choice + arrangement. That’s the case with the Modern Mosaic Quilt Block.

Notice how each block is a half square triangle. Turn the HSTs in any other direction and you have something else.

This block is also great for creating secondary designs when placed into a quilt. Now, imagine the possibilities!

Learn How to Make an Easy Mosaic Quilt Block

Another block made up only of HSTs is the Dutchman’s Puzzle. The key to this block is making sure your HSTs are accurate. The best way to do that is by having consistent seam allowances and using a squaring ruler.

Look closely at this design. Do you see the Pinwheel in the middle?

How to Make the Perfect Dutchman's Puzzle Quilt Block

This block looks complicated, but it reality it’s still only a simple 4-Patch Block. The key to getting great “geese” is the Wing Clipper Ruler.

Flying Geese relies on accuracy, but don’t let that scare you. When you make them 4-at-a-time it’s not hard at all.

Learn how to make the simple Flying Geese Quilt Block four at a time.

9-Patch Quilt Blocks

One of the most basic 9-Patch blocks is the Friendship Star. It’s a great block to highlight a particular fabric. Another option would be to it make in a variety of simple colors. Think…pastels or brights. The block works with them all.

How to Make a Perfect Friendship Star Quilt Block

While this block is, at its core, a simple 9-Patch, it does require Split Quarter Square Triangles (SQST). It’s a great block to learn this technique, which is really not as hard as it looks.

Learn How to Make a Perfect Twin Star Quilt Block

The Maple Leaf block is very distinctive and easily recognized. With the exception of the stem (which is super easy to make) this block is just simple squares and HSTs.

How to Make a Perfect Maple Leaf Quilt Block

My all-time favorite quilt block is the Ohio Star because it’s squares, HST’s, and a 9-Patch. This block has been popular since the Civil War. Any block that endures that long deserves some adoration.

How To Make A Perfect Ohio Star Quilt Block using a Quarter Square Triangle

This is one of those blocks that has stood the test of time because it’s been around since the early 1800s. At its core, the Churn Dash block is a 9-Patch that uses strips and combines them with HSTs. Nothing too hard about that.

The key to making this block work is correctly nesting your seams and pressing the seams to avoid bulk.

Learn How to Make a Perfect Churn Quilt Block

Stand Alone Designs

This block is another one that you’ll want to add to your quilting stable. It combines flying geese + square blocks then centers them around a larger square. And, it’s easier than it looks.

I highly recommend learning this block design because it can be used to create some amazing designs within a quilt. It looks great with the star in a single fabric or a reversal of the light/dark contrast. Try it many ways to get a look you love.

Learn How to Make the Perfect Hourglass Quilt Block

This is another favorite block that has an interesting history. It was popular during the Civil War, possibly because of its connection to Abraham Lincoln.

Each Log Cabin block begins with a center square. If the center fabric was red it symbolized the hearth of the home. If the center was yellow it symbolized a light in the window for welcoming visitors. Folklore says that if a log cabin quilt with a black center was hanging on a clothesline the home would be a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Learn How to Make a Perfect Log Cabin Quilt Block. Your quilt blocks will turn out perfectly every time.

This block goes by many names. A Square-in-a-Square or Diamond-in-a-Square are two common names to describe it.

One thing I love about the Economy block is its ability to highlight a unique design in a fabric by fussy cutting the center square.

It’s also a great block to do in seasonal fabrics for simple projects like Table Toppers and Table Runners.

Learn How to Make a Perfect Economy Quilt Block

So, pull out some scraps and start working through these blocks. You will learn a ton about color choice, squaring, seam allowances, and block construction.

Best of all, when you master Easy Quilt Block Tutorials for Beginners, you will be on your way to becoming a skilled quilter!

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