Container Gardening: How to Grow Peppers and Basil in a Pot

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I had planned a container gardening post using lettuces called Salad in a Pot. Unfortunately, I waited too long and it got too warm to put pots of lettuces on my deck. My current lettuces are already bolting. Salad in a Pot will have to be a fall gardening post.

Fortunately, container gardens are not limited to lettuces only and I needed to plant my peppers and basil. Most of my peppers are in the big garden, but I love having basil and peppers close to my back door. They are easy to grow and can be used in many different ways. So, today, it’s Peppers and Basil in a Pot.

Container Gardening: How to Grow Peppers and Basil in a Pot Pin

I once saw an episode of Martha Stewart where she was washing out terracotta pots in preparation for planting. I’ll let you guess whether this was my first step.

basil in a pot

I will tell you that I tossed out the first 8″ of old potting soil and put some fresh organic potting mix into my pot. After that, I planted a jalapeno in the center.Then, I planted two Thai Basil’s across from each other and two Purple Ruffles Basil’s across from each other.

basil in a pot
basil in a pot

The Purple Ruffle Basil is hard to see against the dark soil, but it looks so pretty when it matures.

Pretty soon, I will have basil and peppers right next to my parsley and dill. I love containers full of easy-to-grow things right at my fingertips. I can just pop outside and grab a few things to flavor whatever I’m cooking.

What could be easier. I really should call this, Flavors in a Pot.

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