Container Gardening: How to Grow Peppers and Basil in a Pot

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I had planned a container gardening post using lettuces called Salad in a Pot. Unfortunately, I waited too long and it got too warm to put pots of lettuces on my deck. My current lettuces are already bolting. Salad in a Pot will have to be a fall gardening post.

Fortunately, container gardens are not limited to lettuces only and I needed to plant my peppers and basil. Most of my peppers are in the big garden, but I love having basil and peppers close to my back door. They are easy to grow and can be used in many different ways. So, today, it’s Peppers and Basil in a Pot.

Container Gardening: How to Grow Peppers and Basil in a Pot Pin

I once saw an episode of Martha Stewart where she was washing out terracotta pots in preparation for planting. I’ll let you guess whether this was my first step.

basil in a pot

I will tell you that I tossed out the first 8″ of old potting soil and put some fresh organic potting mix into my pot. After that, I planted a jalapeno in the center.Then, I planted two Thai Basil’s across from each other and two Purple Ruffles Basil’s across from each other.

basil in a pot
basil in a pot

The Purple Ruffle Basil is hard to see against the dark soil, but it looks so pretty when it matures.

Pretty soon, I will have basil and peppers right next to my parsley and dill. I love containers full of easy-to-grow things right at my fingertips. I can just pop outside and grab a few things to flavor whatever I’m cooking.

What could be easier. I really should call this, Flavors in a Pot.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to plant some lettuce varieties in a pot as well … I guess I need to hop on that. I love having fresh herbs in a pot outside my door as well … and basil is one of my favorites. This has inspired me to get moving on the container gardens! Thanks for sharing at Project Inspire{d}.

  2. I love fresh herbs as well! Can I re-plant basil and Serrano peppers ( Bonnie brand ready to go herbs/peppers) in the same container pot? Like the picture above?

    1. Hmmm. I’ve never done that, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. You may end up with some spicy basil which could be fabulous.

      1. Thanks I’ll try that! How about cilantro and basil? Or cilantro and Serrano peppers together in a rectangular box planter? Is that an ok depth for cilantro and Serrano peppers?

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