Voila! The Sweetheart Chic Apron Pattern is here

First things first.  The Sweetheart Chic Apron Pattern is now available in my Etsy store.  Let’s not have stampede getting to this long-awaited pattern.  There are plenty to go around….

I began working on this pattern when I realized that there is not a single apron pattern out there that had princess seams and a circle skirt.   And it’s those princess seams that really set this apron pattern apart. When this bodice is pieced together (correctly), you can lay it on a table and it holds its curvy shape!  The bust fills out and won’t lay flat, like an invisiblw woman is lurking somewhere in there.  That’s a good thing because it fits beautifully. 

So, what took me so long…let’s see.  The pattern drafter, Tara, is in Minnesota.  I am in Texas.  The pattern pieces are larger than an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper, so fitting them into pattern tiles was tricky.  Tara’s a drafter, not a sewer so I had to try to explain layout changes via email and faxes. During this process Tara was out for a week with a sick child.  The next week my dad had surgery (but it doing great!).  More changes.  Trying to write and photograph a pattern with an ailing parent can be tricky.  Editing fell just before Thanksgiving and all of the sudden my testers and editors weren’t returning my calls.

So, for all of you who asked…your wait is over.  Thank you for your trust in me to get this out for Christmas sewing.  Email me if you have any questions….I will be doing some future posts that show different ideas with this and other patterns.


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