Sewing School: {The Classic Tomato Pin Cushion}

Recognize this:

Tomato Pin Cushion
I received this classic tomato pin cushion for Christmas when I was twelve.  It has not evolved one bit.  It is identical to the one I had and lost, tossed, or gave away.
I bet you think that this pincushion is something you stab your pins into as you merrily sew along.
True, but did you know that this pincushion has a secret ingredient inside the baby strawberry?
It’s emery sand, something used on sandpaper.  Just like sandpaper refines wood or metal, the emery sand in the strawberry refines your pins and needles.  Keeping them sharp and clean.
The Classic Tomato Pin Cushion is also a real bargain.  With a coupon, you can score one of these puppies at Joann’s for under $3.00.   
I recently came across this “green tomato” which is designed to help you overcome misplaced needle syndrome. This happens when you change needles in your machine and the needle is never seen again.  Even with a coupon, I think this item is a wee bit overpriced.
Lucky for me that Joann’s carries a “baby tomato” that costs around $2 {but I still used a 40% off coupon ‘cuz I’m all about the bargains}. I took my handy fine point Sharpy and made my own.
Practical, useful, and cute.  What’s not to love.


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  1. says

    The tomato pin cushion has been around for a long time -well over 100 years. I think they were the simplest design to sew and that’s why they became so common.

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