Sewing Room Ideas

In a few months I will be putting together a new sewing and crafting room which I mentioned here.  The possibility of having a sewing room and craft space that is spacious and organized ~ well it’s all I can think about. {Somewhere in all this sewing-room-dreaming I have to make other choices like counter tops, cabinets, and flooring ~ like that stuff is important :) }

Below, I’ve put together a collection of sewing and crafting spaces that have elements of inspiration.  Maybe it’s the color, possibly the layout, or a clever use of space.

Crafting Room

1.  Chaletgirl

A cheerful room ~ I especially like the floor.

Sewing Studio

2.  Art Gallery Fabrics

If my ironing board has to sit out, I hope I can make it as cute as this one.

sewing studio

3.  Apartment Therapy

Great use of a small space.  And, the chair is to die for.

small sewing space

4.  More Apartment Therapy

Very well organized storage.

Sewing Room Organization

5.  Elle Apparel

I am considering one of these ‘L’ shaped tables for sewing.

Sewing Room

6.  Craftaholics Anonymous

I like the vibe of this room; it makes me feel like creating.

6 - httpwww.craftaholicsanonymous.netcraft-room-tour-from-jen-youll-love-it

7.  The Little Things

Raise your hand if you love symmetry.  {hand raised}

Clean Sewing Room

8.  Raising Up Rubies

It’s a craft room most days and an occasional dining room when needed.

sewing room and dining room

9.  Being Brook

Lots of great work surfaces.

craft room

10.  Tatertots and Jello

Another great use of a dining room.

Sewing Room

11.  Jen-uninely Inspired

Everything has a place.

craft space

12.  Cottage Hill

Hide-away sewing cabinet ~ very clever.

12 - httplindycottagehill.blogspot.com201101magic-sewing-table.html

13.  33 Stitches

Who wouldn’t love all this color!

colorful sewing room

14.  Better Homes and Gardens

I think my new house has high windows similar to these.  That’s why I like this one.

sewing room

15.  36th Avenue

Red is my favorite color.  Considering a red-themed room {not walls, though}

craft space

16.  Fjeldborg

You’ll have to use Google Translate to read this one.  So Scandinavian ~ beaded ceiling, walls, and floor.  Be-yoo-tee-ful.

sewing room

17.  Craftster

Red and Turquoise ~ works for me.  Love all of the small storage containers so well organized.

17 - httpwww.craftster.orgforumindex.phptopic=258735.0#axzz2Q60LRCvz

18.  We All Sew

This one doesn’t have a real ‘wow’ factor. I’m impressed by how orderly the room is.

sewing rooms

19.  Patty Young (Mod Kid Boutique)

Love the red cabinets and the cutting table in the center of the room.

sewing room

20.  DIY by Design

If all you get is a closet for sewing, then this is a great use of space.

22 - httpdiybydesign.blogspot.com201303craftsewing-closet-reveal.html

21.  Infarrantly Creative

It’s remarkable how similar this space is to my future sewing room.   Floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

23 - httpwww.seasonedhomemaker.com201304craft-rooms-creative-spaces-and-sewing-studios.html

Send me your best ideas ~ I’m going to need all the help I can get.


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  1. says

    I’m going to have to still that idea about putting the two tables back to back. That will really help with machine quilting.

  2. says

    Its amazing how people can keep their craft rooms so clean and organized, at least for a picture, lol. Mine looks like an explosion of colors and random supplies. Like the different organization ideas pictured here.

  3. Irene says

    I would love to have the space to be able to have my cutting table out all the time not necessarily in the middle of the room but with enough room to be able to walk around the cutting table. My cutting table that open up to 40×70 inches and it does double duty as a basting table for quilts. I can even baste a queen sz. quilt using my method.
    I can’t sew without my ironing board. It is on the right side of my sewing machine. I never take it down because when I sew I iron as I go.
    I keep my sewing table with my trusty Bernina 1230 in front of my window. I love to be able to look out and see the flowers and birds.
    I keep my fabrics in a cupboard with doors that I keep closed. Some of the fabrics are 20 yrs old or so and none of them have fade marks on the creases. I love making scrap quilts so I end up with lots of left over fabrics that I use again. I keep my fabrics folded and in stacks of the same color. So much easier when looking for a red or blue etc.
    That beautifuly organized sewing room had to have been cleaned up for the picture. LOL Mine looks good too after a good cleaning and organizing. Then it gets back to its normal looking like a tornado hit it.

    • Leslie says

      40 x 70 cutting table – where can I get one of those!!! I’m so impressed ~ and, like you, I love looking out the window when I sew.

      • Kitty J says

        I found mine at the thrift store. Was marked at $130.00 got it for $30.00. Sometimes I think it might be too big. LOL

    • Helen says

      I am sure you are not alone in that. My problem is that I can not work on Project from start to finish. I have to start the next one as soon as a idea pops in my head. That is when the fabric starts coming out 2 and 3 at a time.
      Any suggestions for my insanity?


  4. Kitty J says

    I have been trying all different ideas for my sewing/quilting room. So far not happy with any of them. My cutting table is always full of fabric, rulers, patterns, etc. Would love to be able to find a way of organizing all the fabric that ends up on that table. I have bins for larger pieces of fabric, largest yardage is wrapped around corrugated plastic boards, its the ones in between and in progress that make me nuts.

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