Press Here Quilt

Are you familiar with the children’s book Press Here by Herve Tullet?  When I saw it, I fell in love.  It’s an ideal read aloud book for an almost 3 year old.  Each page has you pressing one of the circles or tilting the book.  Turn the page and the scene shifts.

Press Here Book

 Press Here is clearly meant to be read aloud to a toddler.  See how fun it is.

Press Here Book Press Here Book

Because Press Here is such a fun book AND my grandson T-Bone has a birthday this month I decided to make a quilt to go with his book.  Remember, I am not really a quilter; but Mr. SH was going out of town for three days and I thought it was a perfect time to tackle this project.

Spoiler Alert:  If you are a real quilter, you may want to hide your eyes now ~ 

You may recall that I like to do a little applique and this project seemed ideal for a little applique.  For the background, I found a white on white fabric with a simple grid design.   I did not piece anything; instead I used a solid piece of fabric for the quilt top and then appliqued my circles onto it.

A bit before Thanksgiving, I had purchased a Silhouette Cameo {which I will talk more about later} and used this to cut out my circles.  Because I had never cut out fabric on the Silhouette before, I used their product for applique.  I would not recommend it for most applique projects because it’s very stiff and not as soft as Steam A Seam 2 {which I love}.  There will be some experimenting with this at a later date.

Press Here Book

After cutting out my (perfect) circles,I  arranged them in random order on the quilt top and zigzagged around the outer edge of each one.  And that is all I did to create a quilt top.

Now came the hard part.  My wonderful, awesome Bernina 640 came with something called a BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator).  I decided it was time for my BSR’s maiden quilting voyage.  I hooked the device to my machine and began stippling.

I know there are lots of quilting rules that should be followed ~

I have never stippled before.  I have never BSR’ed before, and I have barely machine quilted before.

I ran out of thread because I underestimated how much thread it takes to stipple a small quilt.

I am naive intrepid.  I am finished!

Press Here Book Quilt

Clearly, I do not know how to properly take pictures of a quilt.   The overall size is 3′ x 4′ ~ perfect for a 3 year old to wrap himself up in and read his book.

Press Here Book Quilt

Did you know that washing after machine quilting, will make many of your mistakes less visible?

Press Here Book Quilt Press Here Book Quilt

The design reminds me a little of a Twister game, but it also matches the book’s colors pretty well.  One thing that I had hoped would happen was the circles popping out ~ like a button.  Sure enough, they popped right up after I washed the quilt.  I did go ahead and stitch them across because I didn’t want any of the batting to shift.

Overall (and from a distance), I am pleased.  The whole project didn’t take me that long to complete and I would consider tackling another similarly-sized project.  In the meantime, I should probably read up a bit on quilting techniques.

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  1. says

    Love the idea of a quilt that goes with a kids book. This one is beautiful and looks fairly easy, too. I’ll have to steal this idea for my next baby gift. I love giving books and something made by hand.

    • Leslie says

      I also love giving books and a little handmade something. The quilt is really easy {if you know what you’re doing}.

  2. Marianne says

    I am with Baye – what a great idea for a baby gift. I too love to give books and the addition of a had made item is perfect. Thanks for such a great idea. I cannot wait to check out the book you mentioned.

  3. says

    i lOVE that book, it’s so sweet. What a wonderful quilt! Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday’s Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above
    Bethany @ Whistle and Ivy

  4. Judi says

    That is the cutest quilt!!! A book and a quilt…what a perfect birthday present. A perfect any occasion, any age gift. I love it!!!

  5. says

    I love the idea of this quilt, and it came out beautiful. I had spotted Press Here at my local library and it quickly became the children’s favorite book, all of them ages 1.5 to 7! After repeatedly borrowing this from the library I purchased a copy for both my son’s homes for their children.

  6. Jen says

    As a quilter, I think you did a fantastic job! The only rule in quilting is to do it the way that makes you happy. And what a happy quilt that is! :)


  7. says

    We love this book! My husband got it for my 4 year old for Christmas this year and we found our 13 year old boy secretly pressing the dots when he thought no one was looking. Fun for the whole family and I love that you turned it into a quilt. Such a great memory.

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