How to Sew a Men’s Bow Tie Necktie

You may recall that I am sewing a couple of Easter shirts for my grandsons.  Love, love, love the subtle crosses for an Easter theme.

Anyhoo, there was a bit of fabric left over and I thought I’d make my son-in-law, aka Mr. Wonderful, a bow tie – which he has agreed to learn to tie and then wear to church on Easter.

Did you know there really isn’t a free bow tie tutorial out there in blog land?  I even bought a pattern, but the instructions wanted me to have a “bow tie fastening set” on hand.  I wish I had a picture of the expression on the faces of the ladies at Joann’s when I asked where these were.

So,  I’m sending out some Bow Tie Tutorial love.  {The pattern isn’t my normal quality, but I wanted to get it out there for Easter.  I will go back and tweak the pattern, soon.}

How to Sew a Men’s Bow Tie Necktie:

1.  Print the pattern here.  Tape the pattern together. 

2.  Trim the pattern pieces and layout on your favorite fabric.

3.  Cut 2 of each pattern piece.

4.  Interface 1 Long Tie and 1 Short Tie.

5.  Pin the Long Tie and Short Tie right sides together on the bias
     edge (angled edge) at a 90-degree angle.

6.  Stitch together using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Repeat with other Long Tie/Short Tie.   

 7.  Press the seams open. 

8.  Pin the tie right sides together.  Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, 
     stitch together.  Leave an opening for turning.  Trim seam 

9.  Turn tie inside out using the eraser end of a pencil or blunt-
     tip  knitting needle.  Press.  Close the opening by hand using
     a  whip stitch.

  10.  Attach tie to handsome guy.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I made this tie for my husband who has a 17 inch neck and it was about 6 inches too small. Fortunately it was for a Halloween costume so I tied it on a stuffed animal cut it in the center back then attached elastic and velcro so it would fit my hubby.

  2. says

    When I read what you said about asking the Joann ladies about the bow tie fastening set…I laughed because I had the exact same experience. My daughter is wanting to make bow tie’s for her boy friend for Christmas and he does not like the ones you have to tie. Thankfully my husband use to work in the food service industry so we ended up taking the hardware off one of his old ties. It’s frustrating that if the fabric store is going to carry these patterns they should also have the hardware too. I will be checking back with your blog – it was nice to come across it in my search for the hardware.

  3. Rebecca says

    so glad i saw this post. my husband wants me to make him a bowtie for Easter this year. and while i’ve made a fake one for my 2 year old i thought my husband should have an old fashioned one.

    • Leslie says

      Thanks for the Etsy tip ~ I’m such a computer dunderhead, I have no idea how to add someone to an Etsy circle.

  4. Cecile Everett says

    I don’t really do this t
    Stuff often, but I wanted to make my boyfriends bow tie for prom with the same color as my dress, but how many yards of fabric would I need?

    • Leslie says

      What a great idea! I think 3/4 yard of fabric will be plenty. However, if you are making your prom dress, maybe there will be enough left over scraps to make the tie.

  5. Charles says

    I have found several free bow tie tutorials as well as ascot tutorials…just do a google search. There were very few patterns/templates and none free. I like yours because it gives a better visual of each step. Thanks !!

    • Leslie says

      I did that same search last year and that is why I decided to make a free tutorial. This is not a hard thing to make.

  6. says

    this is great! thanks for putting up a free pattern! It did seem to be a little short, but came out soo cute. Wish I could attach a pic here!

  7. Kenna says

    Made this for my 15 year old son today. It came out a little too small. I’d like to make it again, but this time I’ll add some inches in the length.

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