Learning to Make Jeans–Part IV

Well, it looks like Jeans Making Week is now becoming Jeans Making Month.

You would think at this point in the Jeans Making Process that all I need to do is sew up the leg seams and attach the waistband.

Well, yes and no.

When sewing up a pair of jeans, following a particular order is Absolute.

This is particularly important when connecting the front to back.

You must sewthe inner leg seam first in order to topstitch.

Making Jeans 17

I bet you’re wondering why there is a hammer in this picture.  One of the best tricks I learned at my class was giving those thick seams a little pounding before topstitching.

It really helps flatten the seam and makes topstitching a breeze.

Making Jeans 18

Before I could connect the side seams and check for fit, I had to topstitch the inner leg seam.

Having pounded the matching seam made this a breeze.

Making Jeans 19

The next step was to sew the side seams and adjust (if necessary) for fit. 

Fortunately, mine fit perfectly.  I swear, it’s this pattern.  Follow the fit chart and you will be in love.

Pound the bulky spots before topstitching.

Making Jeans 20
And, topstitch the side seam down to the bottom of the inner pocket.
Making Jeans 21

All that’s really left now is to put on the belt loops, waistband, and add a button.

Making Jeans 22

Easy, peasy ~


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  1. Arild says

    Ohh, very nice seams! I’m struggeling to make a pair of jeans right now. I have ripped up my first attempt, and after ironing I will get out my hammer and try your trick. Those double seams with the interlocking folded edges are difficult.

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