The {Continuing} Living Room Saga

You may recall in a previous post that I had this Living Room Revelation.  Basically, I walked into the living room, took a look around, and realized that everything in there was from two and three houses ago.  It started with the drapery journey and that led to the great TV saga (which continues today).   It’s like me and my living room were both aging at the same time, except one of us didn’t notice.

This is how it looked 10 years ago in my 1950’s ranch (apologizing for horrible photos done with our ancient point and shoot).  Casually formal and well suited for this home.

The rooms were rectangular separate spaces…you know, walled off living room, walled off dining room, walled off kitchen, etc.   Then we moved into another 1950’s ranch and my living room still looked like it belonged.  Here it is 5 years ago…the furniture still works in this room.

But, now we live in a 1998 Ryland home with the much coveted open floor plan which doesn’t go so well with the sits in front of a picture window 50s ranch look.  And then there’s the whole thing with the new tv not fitting into the old tv cabinet which completely throws the whole room off.

So, when I look out into my living room, the space never feels right because the furniture is the wrong scale, the wrong color, and even the wrong style.   Say goodbye…

And, I’ve been having new thoughts about that fireplace.  I really hate it and wish it wasn’t there so I mentioned this to Mr. Seasoned Homemaker.  Since I cannot remove an entire fireplace without having to rebuild my house, I mentioned something about changing out the mantle. Hubby’s response was get rid of it and start over.

 Hopefully, in a few weeks new furniture and rugs will arrive…a new mantle (or maybe no mantle) will be installed and some new accessories will be added to make this room finally come together.  In the meantime, I’m open to all suggestions!  You know, once the living room is finally finished, I think the kitchen will really look shabby…

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