Bobbins:: My Storage Obsession

It’s pretty clear that I have an obsession with wrangling my sewing pinsPin-wrangling  now resolved.  Next up:  bobbins.  The reason for this obsession ~ I have two sewing machines that use different bobbins.  And, I use different types of threads in my bobbins ~ embroidery machine thread,  cotton quilting thread, Maxi-Lock stretch thread, and just regular old all-purpose thread.  So, all of this bobbin drama creates a problem with bobbin storage.

Bobbin Storage Solutions

What’s a sewing-obsessed, Bernina-loving, bobbin-winding gal gonna do?  Wrangle me some bobbins.


Almost all sewing machines come with some sort of attached storage unit which will hold a few bobbins.  My two sewing machines are no different.


Both of mine come with this nifty Barbie doll box that clamps onto the back of the machine.  It’s pretty awesome and this is where I keep my primary bobbins.  The all-purpose thread in standard colors.  I keep it close by my sewing so I can also reach in and grab another bobbin or a specialty foot.  The bobbins for the machine also fit perfectly into their slots.  Ya’ gotta love that Swiss engineering.  It’s a no brainer.


The real problem arises when I have more than 10 bobbins wound ~ which you know is going to happen.  Then, I start stacking them on the little shelf in the box, or worse, on top of the box.  Sometimes, I just leave them on the table.  This usually gets them knocked onto the floor ~ rolling underneath something that now has to be moved in order to retrieve the little runaway ~ you get the idea.  I desperately needed a solution for this problem.

I was in the new and improved Joann’s  ~ with a new and improved storage containers section ~ and all storage was 50% off.  I found these great little bobbin holders.


I think they are more particular to people who make jewelry, but they are also perfect for bobbins.  It looks like one of those M-F pill boxes, with a twist.   Notice the purple strip on the front.  The strip is spring loaded, so you have to press the latch to release each of the little lids.




Pretty nifty, huh!  And, it cost me $1 (on sale, of course) ~ I can toss it in the drawer and I don’t have to worry about bobbins rolling onto the floor and coming unwound.  When I need a bobbin, I can find it in a snap.

With me, sometimes excess is never enough.  I still need a way to keep the embroidery thread bobbins and Maxi-Lock stretch thread bobbins separated from regular bobbins.  Because they are used infrequently, I am fine with them not being close to my sewing machine.  For this, I use these rubber ring bobbin holders.


I really like them because they come in different colors ~ so I can say, “Purple is for embroidery, etc.”  This makes it much easier to know what to grab when it’s needed.  These rubber rings also keep the loose threads under control ~ just place the bobbin into the ring with the thread down and it won’t unroll.  Thread-taming is also part of bobbin-wrangling.

One thing that this bobbin holder has over the others is it can be hung on a wall right over a sewing area.  Hanging them keeps the dust off between uses.  It could also easily slip into a drawer.


Pins Wranged.  Check.  Bobbins wrangled.  Check.  Fabric wrangled.  Uh, I’ll get right on that one.


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  1. says

    wait, how do the bobbins not fall out of the ring when they’re stored on the board?
    holy cow you have a lot of storage solns,and that barbie doll box is pretty amazing!

    • Leslie says

      The rubber ring keeps the bobbins inside the ring. I could hang the ring upside down and they wouldn’t fall out. That’s the beauty of it…

  2. says

    wow! I haven’t seen a round bobbin holder before! Nifty, I will have to look into that. I have mine stacked on my thread holder… I also like the little plastic case idea.

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