Backyard Ideas

I’ve been seeing a lot of great Backyard Ideas everywhere I look. Most are professionally done and probably cost more than the mortgage on my house. You see them everywhere in magazines, catalogs, and Pinterest. From where I sit, they all seem pretty unrealistic. It’s not like I have a staff of servants that can vacuum the rug on the deck (really???) or keep the cushions from getting moldy. When I see a backyard reveal with it makes me wonder, “Who’s keeping up with that?” I can barely get my house vacuumed once a week, let alone clean backyard furniture.

So, today, I’ve put together some realistic backyard ideas. Simple projects that most people can afford and will not require hours of upkeep.

Backyard Living

1. I’ve been following Young House Love’s porch makeover. You’d be surprised at how little they’ve spent on this area. Lots of repurosing and plenty of the practical and affordable. Perfect for a young family.

Backyard Ideas2. This backyard table is made from free pallets. It should serve its purpose well without needing much upkeep. The casters are a nice touch.

Table from Pallet3. This Arbor Bench is a Lowes project but I love it for several reasons. The simple design keeps the cost down and makes it a doable project for most people. I think it could do double duty as monkey bars for kids and it is perfect for growing vines once the kids move on to something else.

Backyard Ideas

4. This outdoor day bed might seem a little impractical, but the upholstery is easily removable and I love how it is tucked into a little corner.

Backyard Relaxation

5. While Handmade Home did a major backyard overhaul that is amazing, I want to point out two of the best features. The painted concrete patio. That’s a quick update for almost any patio. I also love the yellow backdoor. It makes the whole yard festive. Neither of these projects costs a lot of money or takes a ton of time.

Backyard Projects

6. Adding a little color with things like this planter box and chairs can brighten up any backyard without spending a fortune.

Easy Backyard Projects7. How about painting a rug on your deck when it needs restaining. Again, lots of bang for your buck and not a lot of time, either.

Deck Makeover8. Leave it to Ana White to create a simple design for a patio table. She’s my go-to gal for simple projects every time.

Patio Table Plans9. Technically, this is a front porch planter box bench, however, I think it would make awesome backyard seating, too.

Backyard Projects10. Sometimes cleaning up the backyard and adding some inexpensive chairs will do the trick for this Backyard Makeover.

Backyard Ideas11. Cinderblocks + 4 x 4 beams + paint = instant bench. Great idea.

Easy Backyard Projects12. Another great idea. This porch makeover cost under $100.

Vintage Porch13.  How about an inexpensive and simple cabana. A great solution when you need some shade but can’t afford to add a patio cover.

Backyard Ideas14. This Umbrella Stand one of my favorite ideas. It’s practical, functional, inexpensive, and pretty. What’s not to love.

Backyard Ideas

15. This wooden awning is going to someday be in my backyard.  Check out the rest of the post for their other awnings.

Backyard Ideas16. What an amazing Deck Makeover. Check out the ‘before’ pictures of these chairs. A little color and a lot of ‘wow’.

Backyard Ideas17. These Rope-Wrapped Terra Cotta pots are a great way to add a little texture to the patio. I’ve got some pretty old pots that could use a little sprucing up.

Backyard Idea18. This is another full backyard makeover. But it was done on a budget. Most of the projects are simple and inexpensive.

Backyard Ideas19.  From disgusting concrete slab to nice family deck.  I love the transformation.

Refinishing a Deck20. I saved the easiest project for last. You can add a little paper bunting and change your patio up a bit. Nothing too difficult or expensive.

Backyard Ideas


Realistic Backyard Projects

For more Backyard Ideas, check out my Pinterst Backyard Living Board.

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  1. Hi Leslie! Thank you so much for featuring my awnings! You have some wonderful ideas here and I’m honored to be a part of it! Have a wonderful week and thanks again!~~Angela @ TwelveOaksManor

  2. I so wish I had a porch at my house so I could do some of these ideas. They are so cute, what a great round-up! I would love it if you linked this up to my Motivate Me Monday linky party on IT’S A ginger SNAP.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my backyard makeover in this inspiring round up, Leslie!

  4. Lots of awesome ideas! I especially love #11 and #17!

  5. Wonderful ideas, I love the day bed in the corner, just the perfect spot.

  6. Some great ideas. I really like the day bed and the Handmade Home makeover is very cute.

  7. I will be saving this for once our current project is done, building our garden beds. I think the arbour bench would be great. Just thinking of the vegetable plants I could grow up it.

  8. Cute ideas! Looks like lots of fun!

  9. What a great roundup! Makes me want to get outside and productive, pronto.

  10. Love the cinder blocks idea … think you just solved me a problem in our back garden I’ve been stewing over x

  11. Amazing collection. I am loving the cinder-block idea!

  12. These are great ideas! Do you have any ideas for someone who doesn’t have a back patio? We have a small front porch but no back patio. We are renters so we don’t want to spend money to put in a patio. We have lovely trees and a nice backyard but I would love to do more with it. Thanks!

  13. I’ve been wanting to do something with our backyard for years, but we’ve never been able to find something affordable. Love these ideas! (Visiting from the Serenity Saturday linky)

  14. Thanks for all the great ideas. There are a few in there I’m going to look into further.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  15. Wow…some awesome ideas! I need to do a few of them myself. Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. So many fabulous ideas. I have been trying to decide what to paint my back door, but I really think I might paint it yellow now. I love that!

  17. Wow – so many fantastic ideas! Thanks so much for sharing it at the Friday Frenzy – hope to see you again this Friday!

  18. This is such a great list of ideas, Leslie!

  19. Congrats, this roundup was the MOST VIEWED and featured today at our Link it Or Lump it party! Stop by and grab a feature button!

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