DIY Faux Antique Glass Mirror

One of the most difficult things about moving is where to hang stuff on the walls. Most of our wall decor was purchased for our previous home. Some of it worked in our new home. Some of it didn’t. And we had this one empty wall that needed something.

Mercury Glass

How about a DIY Faux Antique Glass Mirror?

Antiquing a Mirror

I had this mirror from over the fireplace (at our last house) that would really fill the area nicely. The size was right, the scale was good ~ only problem ~ when you came through the front door of our new house you would see this mirror at the back of the house. It was too reflective for this spot. Who really wants to be greeted from the back of the house by their reflection? Not me!

Mirror MakeoverWhat’s a girl gonna do. Remember this project where I did DIY Mercury Glass. Well this got me thinking about making DIY Faux Antique Glass Mirror. When I started checking into how to antique a mirror the instructions always included using paint strippers and other harsh chemicals. Way too much trouble and way too many chemicals.

Well, a mirror is just a piece of glass was a reflective surface. Could I possibly take my Looking Glass Paint (affiliate link) and give it an antique-ish look? And do it in about an hour?

Instead of applying the process to the back of the mirror ~ could I apply it to the front of the mirror? Let’s see.


I needed all of the same supplies from my previous project.

Krylon Looking Glass Paint (amazon affiliate) – I already had this from the other project.


Spray Bottle – be sure it can mist

A few rags (I used some old Un-Paper Towels)

First, I (actually Mr. SH) removed the mirror from the frame and set it on an old sheet in the garage.

Antiquing a MirrorThen I misted the mirror with a vinegar mixture that was 1/4 C. water and 1/4 C. vinegar.

DIY Antiqued MirrorNext, I immediately sprayed the Looking Glass Paint onto the mirror and let it sit for about a minute. Then blotted it with my rag.

Antiquing a MirrorLike my previous project, I continued with this process until I achieved a look that would work.

Antiquing a MirrorMy purpose was to create a surface that could bounce light around but not be as reflective as a mirror. The only other thing we did was add a protective finish to the mirror. I was afraid that the Looking Glass Paint/Vinegar technique might need a bit more protecting since this technique was applied to the surface and not the back of a piece of glass.

To protect my surface, I used a Minwax Water-based Polycrylic Protective Finish in Clear Satin (affiliate link). This can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

An now it nicely fills in a formerly bare spot.

How to Antique a MirrorSee how it bounces light around the room without being a mirror. Perfect!

How to Antique GlassAnd all I spent was $10 for the can of polycrylic finish.

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  1. That looks great! Does the finish ever peel off since it is on a mirror? I am not really familiar with these products. Thanks!

  2. WOW, nice! And in the final photo, so many great things. I like your textures; the twisty branches take your eye to to the patterned mirror frame and then it keeps going over to the little side table by the single chair. REALLY like how all your lamps coordinate but none are the same! Wait … I looked again … also like how you mix your surfaces – different styles of tables etc. Just super.

  3. Love this idea!

  4. You have a lovely home! Your mirror solution is clever and perfect for that spot. I am really going to have to try that mirror spray paint, I see too many projects that I love!

  5. What a great DIY! Thank you for sharing and linking up with us @ the #WWDParty – have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Love this, can’t wait to give it a try!

  7. Really cool idea to fix up your mirror. It looks great in it’s new spot!!!

  8. It’s beautiful. Hopping over from the Frugal crafty hop.♥

  9. That looks great, what a fun technique. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  10. Wow that’s so pretty!! Thanksfor sharing!

  11. Ooh… I love this. I put up a mirror on the wall opposite our front door at Christmastime so it would reflect lights from the Christmas tree. It is still there, and I just realized that I really don’t like walking into a room and looking into a mirror first thing. Reading this was a total Aha! moment for me! Thanks! :) (If you have a minute, I’d love if you linked up to The Makers Link Party on my blog.)

  12. Love the mirror and also how you hung the frames above the windows.

  13. This turned out great! I love the look.

  14. What a great idea! Several times I want to use a mirror but don’t want a clear view of the ceiling vent! Thanks! Pinning. ~Jeanette

  15. What a great solution! Having moved 3 years ago, I am still dealing with things that worked at my old house, but don’t really work as well at the new. I love using what I have and think you came up with a fantastic solution to make it work.

  16. This is a sweet project for any home! Pinned it! —Deb

  17. This looks so great! I love the finished product, and it looks great in that space. I had never heard of Looking Glass Paint before, now I might have to find some!

  18. What a great idea! I really like how you reused what you already had on hand. Great job! Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.

  19. You came up with a great idea to tone down the light, it looks wonderful!
    I saw you linking at Tickled Pink Times Two.
    Debbie :)

    • Thanks. That’s exactly what it does ~ tones down the light and reflection ~ while still being bright and reflective.

  20. You did a beautiful job! Your mirror is perfect. :-)

  21. That is awesome! :) Thanks for sharing!

  22. It’s extraordinary!! Your “new” mirror looks absolutely stunning on your wall. It really does “make” your room. Great idea! Isn’t it fun when that great idea comes together?

    Thanks for sharing at Project Inspire{d}!!
    Best wishes for an Extraordinary weekend!

  23. HI Leslie, I love your faux antique mirror! Thanks so much for linking up to the LInk It or Lump It Link Party last week..I wanted to let you know I am featuring your project as one of my favorites!

  24. Featuring your fabulous mirror at Project Inspire{d}, Leslie!
    We go live tonight at 8:o0 ET!! :)

  25. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday’s Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  26. Love your mirror! The whole space looks fantastic!

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