DIY Applique Pillow

I’ve been talking a lot about appliqué using my Silhouette lately. With the annual Silhouette sale about to end, I wanted to add in one more project. But first, let me explain why I made this DIY Applique Pillow.

When I began unpacking boxes after moving into our new home, I had a ton number of pillows that did not go with new bedding. For weeks and weeks they sat naked on different beds. You know, when you are unpacking, naked unmatched pillows get moved to the bottom of the pile on the ‘things that need doing’ list. For instance, I had a piece of fabric that I actually would lay across one pillow every time I made the bed. Pretty pathetic, huh!

Well not anymore, I’ve tackled that pile o’ pillows and had some fun doing it.  Most are pretty unimpressive, just simple envelope pillows. However, I really liked how this pair turned out. And, they are super easy to make.

Applique Lettering

First, I had to find some fabric. I was at Joann’s over the Veteran’s Day weekend and they had a great sale. All of the clearance fabrics were 50% off of the marked down price. I found these two fabrics with little pieces on the end of the bolt so they gave me an additional 50% off the last of the yardage. I got 2 yards of the gray fabric for $7.00 and 2 yards of the grellow fabric for $6.00.

I used the Pacifico font (free from Dafont) which was loaded in my computer. Now, you do not need a Silhouette to make this pillow, all you need is a computer with the font. For directions on how to appliqué using a regular computer font, see this tutorial here.

How to Applique Lettering to a PillowHow to Applique Lettering to a Pillow


I kind of messed up a little where the letters overlap. Later, I figured out how to take those overlaps out – but not before making these pillows. Since my fabric is pseudo-suede, it didn’t really matter. I stitched it down and it works fine.

I am using this tutorial on How to Make an Envelope Pillow.  I cut out my pillow fronts and pillow backs ahead of time. From there I decided on how large I wanted my lettering. When doing a project like this it is important to print out the lettering and set it on the place you plan to appliqué. That way it won’t be over-scale or under-scale.

I applied fusible web to the back of my fabric and then cut out my phrases on the Silhouette. Then, I placed them on the pillow fronts and ironed them before stitching them down.

One thing I might do on my next project is draw lines with chalk across both pillow fronts. This would’ve made matching a little easier. #liveandlearn

How to Applique Lettering to a PillowHow to Applique Lettering to a Pillow

At this point, I could’ve finished making the envelope pillows but I thought a little piping would look good.  Adding piping to a pillow is simple. I have a tutorial called How to Add Piping to a Pillow ~ I assure you, anyone can do this.

After that I finished my pillows by sewing the back to the front and then inserted my naked pillow forms.

How to Applique Lettering to a Pillow

And no more naked pillows!

Pssst. Below are the unimpressive pillows I mentioned. I made simple envelope pillows and then top stitched 1″ from the edge to create a small flange that (in the right light) looks a little like piping.

How to make an envelope pillow

How to Make an Envelope Pillow

Thinking about getting a Silhouette. There is still time to participate in the Silhouette Black Friday Sale which ends on December 8th!

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  1. I love your pillows! How cute! I just made a mug rug using my silhouette to cut out the applique. It was awesome! What kind of fusible web did you use to cut out your fabric?

    • Right now I have a bolt of WonderUnder. It’s not my favorite. Recently I got my hands on some Heat N Bond and I really loved it. However, I do so much appliqué, I need to keep cost in mind. But for small projects I always recommend Steam a Seam 2 and (now) Heat N Bond.

  2. Love this pillow idea! So cool and live the colors, too!
    Following you on Pinterest :)

  3. Those pillows may seem unimpressive by themselves, however, grouped together, they look fantastic!

    I keep seeing so many projects using the Silhouette. Maybe after the holidays, I’ll look into one.

  4. I love these! I just got a Silhouette and am trying to figure out all I can do with it. This will be a fun project to try.

  5. These came out so beautifully! And you’ve given me another reason (amongst the thousands!) why I should buy a silhouette! :)
    Have a wonderful day~

  6. Super cute! Thanks for sharing on the Monday Funday link party!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! Your pillows look just beautiful. I just got a silhouette myself, and I’m loving it!! Great idea for some new holiday pillows.

  8. These are so beautiful. It makes me want to make some. Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday.

  9. Your fully dressed pillows turned out amazing! Thanks for the fabulous inspiration.

    :) Linda

  10. Thank you so much for sharing with Adorned From Above’s Link Party. We love having you join the fun.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  11. I highlighted you tonight on my blog for centerpiece Wednesday!

  12. Very impressive pillows! That’s neat idea! Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a FAB project. Love these pillows!

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