Fall Leaves

In most parts of bloggy-land I keep reading about the crisp, fall air.  How wonderful.

Well, here in Central Texas, our idea of Fall are days in the 80s

So, to celebrate the change in weather everywhere, I’ve put together a little Fall Leaf Tutorial.

Fall Leaf 8a 

This design can be made into placemats, table runners, and possibly a pillow.

Fall Leaf Tutorial

Step 1:  Get your template here.

Step 2:  Print template and tape together matching the A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s.  Be sure to click “None” under Page Scaling.

Note:  There is a margin around the design that will need to be trimmed or folded back.

Fall Leaf Template

Step 3:  Trim design and layout on on fabric.  Because I am using burlap, my fabric tends to easily unravel so I am interfacing it before cutting out my design.

Fall Leaf 2

Step 4:  Cut 2 leaves.  For my project I’m making the front and back from the same fabric, but don’t limit yourself.  Anything goes.

Fall Leaf 3

Step 5:  Pin Front and Back right sides together.

Fall Leaf 4

Step 6: Stitch Front to Back.  Leave a 4”-5” opening for turning.  Turn leaf right side out.

Step 7: Stitch the opening closed either by hand or machine. {I’m always going to go with the machine!}

Fall Leaf 5

Step 8: Using a water soluble marker or tracing paper/tracing wheel, transfer the leaf vein markings to one side of the leaf.

Fall Leaf 6

Step 9: Use a contrasting thread to stitch out the veins.  Topstitch over the markings using a zigzag stitch.  I set my machine stitch width to 2mm and stitch length to 1mm.

Fall Leaf 9

Rinse, Lather, and Repeat.

Fall Leaf 7a
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  1. This table runner is amazing. I need to pin and make one:)
    Prayers for a great day, jen

  2. Sounds like our weather here in Arizona… nights are cooling down a little, but not a whole lot!

    Love this and am going to make me a table runner.. or two! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  3. Love it! The runner is awesome! I’d like to invite you to share it at my party, Twirl & Take a Bow at http://www.houseontheway.com. Hope to see you there!

  4. Very clever and very versatile.
    Enjoy your 80 degree days. We are going to be colder than you’d want to be very soon, and shelling out way too much money for heating oil!

  5. Very clever and very versatile.
    Enjoy your 80 degree days. We are going to be colder than you’d want to be very soon, and shelling out way too much money for heating oil!

  6. I’m sorry your weather is so hot!! I do like how you are getting in the Fall mood though! Love a good table runner, especially a Fall one!

  7. Hi Leslie! I found you on Cheerios and Lattes. I really love this project! I always try to use seasonal place mats on our breakfast bar for the kids, and these would be just perfect. Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial and pattern. Have a great week! Debbie

  8. I’m hosting an It’s Fall Y’all ~ Linky Party. I would love for you to share this, and any other Fall projects you have! Hope to see you there :)

  9. What a great table runner. Perfect for Fall.

  10. What a great idea for a fall table runner, I love it!

  11. very very cute!! I love the finished look!

    Thanks so much for linking to “20 Below Thursday”! :)

  12. I really love this project! Looks great on your table :)

  13. Thank you for sharing your project on A Crafty Soiree! I’ve featured you in this week’s newest, which will be up tonight at midnight EST. Please come check it out :)

  14. Those are awesome, and they would make great placemats too! I especially love the idea of topstitching in the veins of the leaves. Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  15. These are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Just wanted to stop by to let you know I’m featuring this today on Practically Functional! You can check it out and grab a button here: http://practicallyfunctional.net/2012/10/the-fun-in-functional-link-party-23/

  17. Beautiful, Leslie. I included you in the Thanksgiving Traditions party highlights tonight. Thanks for sharing! ~Jami

  18. I love what you have done. You should come show off your creativity at our link party.

  19. This is beautiful! Elegant! Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I’m going out tomorrow to buy some burlap and interfacing. Can’t wait!

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