Entry Hall Makeover: {The Niche}

It all started when I got a new TV…
I live in a late ‘90s Ryland tract home.  In the ‘burbs.  Somewhere in tract-home-design-land, a designer convinced a builder that a niche would be the perfect addition to an entry hall. Honestly, I have never known what to do with this thing.  I’ve thought about having Mr. Seasoned Homemaker just sheetrock over it and then hang a picture or something.
Sadly, this was the best I could come up with.  The background is a piece of fabric.  In order to take this picture, I had to clear out the junk that usually collects here when we enter the house.  Sad, but true. 
Since the living room is getting updated (and more will be said on this when the new furniture arrives), the entry hall had to change, too.
You can kind of see how the entry, dining, and living room connect, ala open concept.  Which works great until you get a new tv.
I don’t know if it is possible for my house to get any more beige.  Not for long…

Mr. Seasoned Homemaker painted the surrounding walls the prettiest gray called Moonshine from Benjamin Moore.  The background color is Olympic paint from Lowes called Knight’s Armor.  In case you don’t know this, for just under $3.00 Lowes will mix you up a small container of paint.  Which I had them do. Totally cheap…and such drama!  On to the vase!

Never underestimate the transforming power of a $5 can of spray paint. 
Take one old curtain rod and clamp it to your nastiest garbage can and insert vase…
…apply thin, even coats of paint until it is fully covered, all the while turning the curtain rod…let dry in an undisturbed area.  Pick off any insects that fly onto your vase OR just spray over them for added texture.
I added these willow branches from Target ($10) for a little drama.  When I get a few more pieces finished I’ll show the final product.
One day, I’ll tell you about the stick in the first picture…it actually has meaning!

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  1. Looks great! What a difference :) Great job!

  2. Wow. so simple yet it makes for a great transfomation!

  3. Love it! Our linkys were similar :)

  4. Wonderful job transforming your nook!

  5. http://iwilljoy.blogspot.com/ is my blog, I have my linky posted that you asked about! :)

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